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Alien Encounters and Abductions

Alien Abductions

There are people who claim to have been abducted and then have been experimented on, sexually and non-sexually. Some of the people involved are upstanding normal people, people who for if it had allegedly happened to them, they would discount the alien abduction stories as absurd. Some claim to have been involved in sexual experimentation and others part of an autopsy.

The common description of the visitors is that the aliens are grey, shorter than us with large eyes and a big head. The fact that they are described as looking the same suggests that there is a consistency in the stories. It can also suggest that they were influenced by other alien stories. To some people alien abductions are a twentieth century phenomena. People who would have reported those incidents before the 20th century would have been locked away. Some people have been reported as missing and turned up days later without any recollection of where they've been. Under hypnosis, they recall being experimented on.

According to Pyschology Today, 2.3% of the American population say that they have been abducted by aliens. A lot of them will probably be saying that as a joke. Taking the value when you Google Population of the United States, 325.7 Million, therefore 2.3% equates to 10,422,400 which does a large amount.

Barney and Betty Hill, the first Abduction

The Barney and Betty Hill case may not be the earliest but it is the one that is most quoted as being the earliest. The episode occurred on September 19th 1961 when they were driving home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They were apparently followed by a light in the sky which they stopped to observe before continuing.

After eventually arriving home, they were unable to account for two hours of their lives. Over time, they would begin to remember things. Eventually, they realised they had been abducted by aliens from the Zeta Reticuli solar system. The star system is often used in Science-Fiction such as in the Aliens franchise where the planet Acheron or LV-426 is located.

Abduction Objectives

A common theme amongst those who claim to have been abducted by aliens is that they were experimented on, similar to how the Nazi experimented on the Jews during the Second World War. Some people claim to have had sexual contact with the aliens. The aliens would understandably be curious about us as we are as them. They've come across light years of space and they'd want something out of the journey, some knowledge, maybe a "trophy".

Friendly or Hostile

The way most people see our fellow animals on this Earth is that they are of a lesser intelligence. This is because they don't build things in the way we do and that their form of communication is very basic etc. Virtually all land animals build homes and some use tools like chimpanzees. Just because some animals build simple structures doesn't equate to the same intelligence as humans.

Aliens arriving on Earth will look at us, deduce maybe that we've got some intelligence but not enough and either ignore us or attack us. Our weapons will probably be no match for them. If they decided to attack, they could use a variety of weapons, weapons that we would never of thought of. Like humans carry out vivisection on other animals, the aliens could well do the same to us.

The brilliant scientist, Sir Stephen Hawking said that if aliens were to arrive on Earth, they would be hostile. Hawkings uses historical evidence of humanity to prove his point. In the past, the most technically advanced civilisations have sought to conquer and control the less advanced. He points to the Spanish arriving in the New Worlds (Americas), it didn't work out well for the Natives.

In Star Trek, the United Space Federation forbids any of its crews from contacting aliens races that are less advanced than they are, the Prime Directive. Aliens could be coming here testing to find out whether humanity is advanced enough and then going back.

Alien Autopsy

A video surfaced over time that reportedly showed an alien autopsy taking place of an alien that had died in a crash. It was purportedly have been carried out soon after the Roswell Incident and then evidence was leaked. Although later viewed as a fake video, some were taken in by the video. It was taken as being evidence of extra-terrestrial life forms.

If an alien life force had arrived on Earth, there's no reason why they wouldn't probably carry out an autopsy on a living creature such as human, especially if they were hostile.

Why are Alien Encounters happening now?

the Milky Way Galaxy contains billions of stars and trying to work out which one to visit is like proverbial needle in a haystack. Since the days of Marconi and radio waves, our signals have being travelling through space and could well have been picked up an alien race who have come to investigate. The bubble in which our radio waves have travelled is 200 light years. Planetary

The aliens could have picked up on the signal and headed towards us. It does seem a bit strange that aliens would come all that way, do a quick abduction and then leave. The opposing argument could be to investigate and see if we are ready for contact.

Encounter Classifications

There are five kinds of aliens encounters, by the far the most well known is the third encounter which was the basis of a film by Steven Spielberg in the early eighties Close Encounters. The following list describes in brief details the five encounters. The encounter classification system was devised by Doctor J. Allen Hynek and it is the most widely recognised standard of alien encounters.

FirstThis is where a UFO is seen by a person in close proximity.
SecondThe UFO has left a piece of physical evidence as opposed to just relying on a persons word.
ThirdThe person reporting the encounter has seen an actual alien being rather than just the craft. This can be either visual or a piece of physical evidence .
FourthThe aliens have abducted the person.
FifthThe aliens and the person are in communication between one another

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