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Alien Encounters

Alien Abductions

There are people who claim to have been abducted and then have been experimented on. Some of the people involved are upstanding normal people, people who for if it had allegedly happened to them, they would discount the alien abduction stories as absurd. Some claim to have been involved in sexual experimentation and others part of an autopsy. The common description of the visitors is that the aliens are grey, shorter than us with large eyes and a big head. The fact that they are described as looking the same suggests that there is a consistency in the stories. It can also suggest that they were influenced by other alien stories. To some people alien abductions are a twentieth century phenomena. People who would have reported those incidents before the 20th century would have been locked away. Some people have been reported as missing and turned up days later without any recollection of where they've been. Under hypnosis, they recall being experimented on.

Abduction Objectives

A common theme amongst those who claim to have been abducted by aliens is that they were experimented on, similar to how the Nazi experimented on the Jews during the Second World War. Some people claim to have had sexual contact with the aliens. The aliens would understandably be curious about us as we are as them. They've come across light years of space and they'd want something out of the journey, some knowledge, maybe a "trophy".


The way most people see our fellow animals on this Earth is that they are of a lesser intelligence. This is because they don't build things in the way we do and that their form of communication is very basic etc. Virtually all land animals build homes and some use tools like chimpanzees. Just because some animals build simple structures doesn't equate to the same intelligence as humans. Aliens arriving on Earth will look at us, deduce maybe that we've got some intelligence but not enough and either ignore us or attack us. Our weapons will probably be no match for them. If they decided to attack, they could use a variety of weapons, weapons that we would never of thought of. Like humans carry out vivisection on other animals, the aliens could well do the same to us. There is a famous alien vivisection that is in the "wild" which is being hotly debated as to whether it is authentic or a fake. Lets suppose it is real, the alien is alleged to have died in a crash, scientists are curious people who would almost certainly want to know the inner workings of the alien body and carry out such an operation.

Encounter Classifications

There are five kinds of aliens encounters, by the far the most well known is the third encounter which was the basis of a film by Steven Spielberg in the early eighties Close Encounters. The following list describes in brief details the five encounters. The encounter classification system was devised by Dr. J. Allen Hynek and it is the most widely recognised standard of alien encounters.

FirstThis is where a UFO is seen by a person in close proximity.
SecondThe UFO has left a piece of physical evidence as opposed to just relying on a persons word.
ThirdThe person reporting the encounter has seen an actual alien being rather than just the craft. This can be either visual or a piece of physical evidence .
FourthThe aliens have abducted the person.
FifthThe aliens and the person are in communication between one another

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