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Franken-Galaxy, Ghost-Galaxy, Cannibal-Galaxy

What is a Fraken-Galaxy?

Fraken-Galaxy gets its name from the Mary Shelley story 'Frankenstein'. The story is about Professor Victor Frankenstein who creates a human (The Monster) unnaturally, i.e. not one born from a woman. A Franken-Galaxy is a galaxy is that is seemingly made from other parts of other galaxies.

The interior of the galaxy is younger than the exterior which makes scientists and those observing call it a Franken-Galaxy. The Galaxy is fragile and could break up if it was to come into close contact with another galaxy. It survives because it is in a seemingly quiet part of the Universe and is not interfered with by other galaxies.

An example of a Fraken-Galaxy is UGC-1382. UGC-1382 is large, it is 170,000 light years away and more than seven times as wide as the Milky Way galaxy which is our galaxy. These types of galaxies are rare. The picture of the galaxy is below, copyright NASA.

NGC-1382 Galaxy

What is a Ghost Galaxy?

Hopefully you came to find out about the astronomical type and not the Disney ride of the same name. A Ghost Galaxy is a name that is given to a galaxy that is made up of what scientists believe is Dark Matter. Dark Matter is something that can't be seen but we know its there by the effect that it has on matter.

Dragonfly 44 is one such Ghost Galaxy. It name comes from the Dragonfly Telephoto Array, a robotic imaging system optimized for the detection of extended ultra low surface brightness structures. It is classified as number 44 in its catalogue. The galaxy is located in the Coma Berenices galaxy cluster.

What marks it out is that there hardly any stars, it is just matter unlike our own. The mass is the same mass as our own galaxy but the number of stars is less than one percent of one percent of our own. The only thing that could be holding it together is Dark Matter hence its name.

What is a Cannibal Galaxy?

There's nothing to be alarmed about, the world won't end. Cannibal galaxy is a more sensational way of describing Galaxy collisions or merges. When two galaxies merge, it is said one will cannibalise the other, steal and merge its stars. The Milky Way galaxy has been doing it for millions of years.

The star Methuselah Star which some scientists calculated as being older than the universe is believed to have come from a galaxy that was consumed by the Milky Way, in part because it moving at high velocity and is different from other stars.

In a scene in The Phantom Menace, when the Jedi's are travelling underwater, Qui-Gon Jinn remarks that there is always a bigger predator after a sea monster nearly kills and eats the submarine that they are in. What is true in that scene is also true in Galaxy Cannibalism. One day, four billion years from now, the Andromeda Galaxy will merge and cannibalise the Milky Way. It is not expected that stars will collide, although there will be some stellar cannibalism, the two galaxy will merge.

Before the Andromeda collision, our galaxy will be consuming and eating other nearby local galaxies like it has done in the past. One of the first galaxies on the list is the Small Magellanic cloud, a small neighbouring galaxy.

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