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What happened in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk?

Introduction, The Location

Rendlesham Forest is a 1500-hectares area of coastal land that is owned by the Forest Commission. It is the site of one of the most famous u.f.o. - unidentified flying object sightings. The map below shows the location of Rendlesham Forest in the United Kingdom. The forest surrounds the old U.S. Air Force base RAF Woodbridge on three sides. Also nearby is the USAF base RAF Bentwaters. The incident is highly documented and the British Government has already released files on the incident for people to read.

Map showing location of the Rendlesham Incident

The Incident

In the early hours of 26th December 1980, strange lights had been spotted in Rendlesham Forest by security staff. When the security officers went to investigate, they saw the brings lights moving through the trees. Local police were called to investigate. However by the time the local police had arrived, the bright lights had gone. The only lights that could be seen were coming from the nearby lighthouse. The fact that the lighthouse is nearby is proof say critics that the incident was a hoax. The servicemen who went to investigate describe the object as being triangular in shape with landing gear. The next morning, evidence that something had landed is clearly visible on the land.

Two days later, the base commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles I. Halt visited the site with servicemen to investigate the area. They took radiation readings of the area and Halt made a tape recording of what they did. The strange lights were seen again but the object didn't land this time. All the key personnel in the two incidents were forced to sign papers to say that they would not reveal details of what happened on that night.

The incident caused Government ministers to sit up and take notice. Lord Hill-Norton wrote to the then defence secretary Michael Heseltine arguing about the MOD line on the situation. The MOD had deemed it insignificant. Even if it wasn't extra-terrestrial, it was still of national importance. The complete government records regarding this incident can be read at National Archives. A word of warning, the information is spread out into a number of pdfs so you will need to read through lot of pages. Which pdf deals with the Incident, isn't clear.

The Media Frenzy

The incident hasn't captured the media's attention unlike that of Roswell. There have been a number of programmes on the subject but no films or television series to our knowledge.

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