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What are Rogue Stars?

Rogue Star Facts

What is a Rogue Star?

Rogue Stars, not to be confused with Star Wars - Rogue One film, also known as Intergalactic Stars are stars that don't conform to the voyage of a star such as our own, the Sun. There are two main types of Rogue Stars, there might be others which will be added in due course.

Intergalactic Rogue Stars

One type of stars are Rogue Stars that either free the confines of the galaxy that they were once part of, these are also known as Intergalactic stars. There's nothing horrible about these. The star HE 0437-5439 is on its way out of the milky way galaxy at a speed of three times the orbital speed of the Sun round the Galactic Centre. HE 0437 is not expected to hit our Sun but it is an example of a star that will eventually become a Rogue Star once it has left the confines of the galaxy.

Independent Moving Stars

The other type of Rogue Stars are one that move at a different speed and path to everyone else. The best example is the hypothetical brown dwarf star called nemesis. The theory behind Nemesis is that every 26 million years there is a mass extinction which would coincide with Nemesis coming closest to the Oort cloud.

When Nemesis gets close, it can send a comet in wards and hit the Earth. Nemesis is a brown dwarf and so as it is dark, it is not easy to be picked up which is why its not yet been proven to exist. Softpedia

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