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Unnova, Failed Supernova

Star is like everything else, it is born from a nebulacloud, it lives its live as a main sequence star then once its fuel has run out, it grows into either a Red giant star or a Supergiant Star. It will then explode in a supernova explosion to become a black hole or a Neutron Star.

There is now another way a star can die and that is as a Unnova, a Failed Supernova. Instead of exploding, it just collapses in on itself and becomes a Black Hole. There's no going out in a blaze of glory, no shouting, no light, no nothing, not the way to go if you've lived a long time.

A Supernova is marked by the sudden brightness that the area suddenly becomes. An Unnova event is marked by the area going dark. One such possible event has been captured by scientists from E.S.A. and N.A.S.A. using the Hubble Space Telescope. The picture below shows the same region in space eight years apart. On the left is showing a star and then on the right, the star has disappeared. It is too short a time to discount the event as a supernova cooling down. The event occurred in Fireworks galaxy (NGC 6946) on the Cygnus - Cetus borders

Picture showing a possible Unnova Event

If the star had orbiting planets, the planets would become orphaned or rogue planets as they are no longer orbiting a star. The first exoplanets discovered were spotted orbiting a pulsar, one that is now called Lich in the Zodiac constellation of Virgo.

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