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Alien is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 1979 and is directed by Ridley Scott.

The original film had the crew of the Nostromo being woken up after receiving a signal from an alien ship on planet LV-426. When they investigate, one of the crew, Kane is attacked by an alien face hugger. After being brought on board without being quarantined first, the face hugger is removed. During their dinner, the alien burst out of Kane's body and disappears. The alien begins to stalk all the crew until just one survivor (Lt. Ellen Ripley) is left.

Cast Members

Dallas ( Tom Skeritt )

Dallas is the captain of the Nostromo, the craft that first encounters the Xenomorph alien. Unfortunately, he does not survive and is killed by the rampaging alien.

Brett ( Harry Dean Stanton )

Parker ( Yaphett Kotto )

Ash ( Ian Holm )

Ash is a human look-a-like robot who is more concerned with Company protocol than the life of everyone on board. Ripley is none the wiser about Ash being a robot which has an effect on so much that when she travels with the Marines in the second film, she wary of Bishop being onboard. When Kane (John Hurt) is bought on board the Nostromo, Lt. Ellen Ripley orders Kane be kept in quarantine but Ash overrides Ripleys wishes and allows the comatosed Kane to be taken to the hospital bay.

Kane ( John Hurt )

Kane is one of the crew of the Nostromo. When as part of the exploration party, investigating a downed alien craft, he gets attacked by a face hugging creature. When Lt. Ellen Ripley forbids him being brought on-board the Nostromo, Kane ignores her wishes. The face hugger is eventually removed from Kane and he resumes his duties. At dinner, Kane starts curvulsing and an alien bursts from his stomach, the nightmare for Ripley has just begun.

Bishop ( Lance Henriksen )

Bishop is a robot that accompanies the marines as they visit Acheron to rescue the colonists. Lt. Ellen Ripley had expressly said that no robots be onboard the craft which the Weyland Corporation chose to ignore. On the journey onboard the Nostromo, the ship`s robot Ash had worked against the crew. This newer version puts human life above that of the mission. Bishop eventually becomes one of Ellen Ripley`s closest friends in the nightmares she has.

Lambert ( Veronica Cartwright )


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