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Alien Autopsy

Alien Autopsy is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2006 and is directed by Jonny Campbell.

Following in the steps of other British comedian pairings such as Morcambe and Wise (Intelligence Men, That Riveria Touch, The Magnificent Two and NightTrains to Murder) and Cannon and Ball (The Boys in Blue), Ant and Dec star in their first feature film together.

The film is inspired by the infamous Roswell alien Autopsy which can easily be found on-line should you wish to view it. The film is based on the true-life exploits of two Britons (Gary Shoefield and Ray Santilli) who revealed the original Alien Autopsy. An interview with the real people is at the end of the movie.

The story takes the form of an interview by an American documentary maker interviewing two friends about how they came to have video of an alien autopsy with flashbacks to different parts of the story.

The story begins with two friends travelling to America to buy some memorabilia to sell back in the UK. They are offered a video of an alien autopsy which they see as making them loads of money. They raise money from family and friends and the local crime boss then return to the U.S. to buy the film. When they return they find the film is damaged and so go about recreating the film after being told the film that they bought was damaged possibly beyond repair. They make the movie in the home of Gary's sister as she is away.

Once made, they take the film to a number of distributors but the news of what their video has has spread and is national news with everyone wanting to see it. They travel the world to be interviewed and make a lot of cash along the way. The original video is repaired but they decide to bury the film and not go through the whole experience again.

As well as Ant & Dec, the film also features Bill Pullman (President from Independence Day), Gotz Otto (Stamper from Tomorrow Never Dies), Omid Djalili (British Comedian), Jimmy Carr (British Comedian) and Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker from Star Trek - The Next Generation)

Cast Members

Melik ( Omid Djalili )

Harvey ( Harry Dean Stanton )

Laszlo Voros ( Gotz Otto )

Jasmine ( Morwenna Banks )

Garys Boss ( Jimmys Carr )

Gary Shoefield ( Anthony McPartlin )

Ray Santilli ( Declan Donnelly )

Morgan Banner ( Bill Pullman )


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