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Aliens is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 1986 and is directed by James Cameron.

Found after fifty years in space in her escape pod, Lt. Ellen Ripley is woken up to discover that Network, the space corporation that had put Ripley in space has colonized the planet LV-426. Contact with the colonists is broken so she is persuaded to go back to help rescue the colonists with marines. She finds she is too late to rescue the colonists except one, a small girl who calls herself Newt. The group must find a way off the planet and destroy the base.

Cast Members

Pvt. Hudson ( Bill Paxton )

Rebecca `Newt` Jordan ( Carrie Henn )

Pvt. Drake ( Mark Rolston )

Pvt. Frost ( Ricco Ross )

Cpl. Ferro ( Colette Hiller )

Pvt. Spunkmeyer ( Daniel Kash )

Cpl. Dietrich ( Cynthia Scott )

Pvt. Crowe ( Tip Tipping )

Cpl. Hicks ( Michael Biehn )

Lt. Gorman ( William Hope )

Pvt. Vasquez ( Jennette Goldstein )

Sgt. Apone ( Al Matthews )

Carter J. Burke ( Paul Reiser )

Carter works for the corporation that put Lt. Ellen Ripley into space. When Ellen`s escape pod is discovered and subsequently woken up, it Carter who tells her what has happened, to her daughter etc. Carter breaks the news that the people that they had sent to the planet LV-426 have lost contact with Earth and persuades Ellen to go back to the planet with an attachment of Marines to rescue the people.

On the planet, Burke has other ideas and sets up the troops to die. In the end, Burke runs into an alien xenomorph and is killed.

Bishop ( Lance Henriksen )

Bishop is a robot that accompanies the marines as they visit Acheron to rescue the colonists. Lt. Ellen Ripley had expressly said that no robots be onboard the craft which the Weyland Corporation chose to ignore. On the journey onboard the Nostromo, the ship`s robot Ash had worked against the crew. This newer version puts human life above that of the mission. Bishop eventually becomes one of Ellen Ripley`s closest friends in the nightmares she has.


Associated Characters

Lt. Ellen Ripley    

Associated Planets

AcheronFiorina 161   

Associated Aliens

Face-HuggerPredator ( vs Alien )   

Associated Spaceships

AurigaNostromoSulacoUSM Auriga 

Associated Films

Alien 3Alien ResurrectionAlien Vs. Predator
Alien Vs. Predator RequiemPrometheus 

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