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Star Wars IV - A New Hope


Star Wars IV - A New Hope

Star Wars IV - A New Hope is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 1977 and is directed by George Lucas.

Whilst on an alleged diplomatic mission, Princess Leia is captured by the Empire who believes she is in possession of Death Star plans. The plans have been input into R2-D2's databank with the instruction that they be shown to Obi-Wan Kenobi who is her only help. R2 and C-3PO robots escape from the craft in an escape pod onto the planetTatooine below. On the surface, they must make their way to the elusive Kenobi. After a disagreement, the two robots become separated but are re-united later when they both captured and taken aboard a Jawa trade vehicle.

On a farm, Luke is hoping to go to space academy but his uncle decides he should wait a year because he is needed on the farm. Reluctantly, Luke agrees to wait for another year. He goes with his Uncle to the Jawa sale and they buy two robots, R2 and C-3PO to use on the farm. When Luke starts to repair the damage that occurred to R2, he gets shown the holographic message of Princess Leia and wonders who she is. The message is for Obi-Wan and only he can help. One day, R2 leaves the farm and goes off in search for Obi-Wan. When they finally catch up with the way-ward character, they are attacked by Tuskan Raider (Sandpeople) and Luke gets knocked out. A lone caped figure comes to their aid and frightens off the attackers. Luke and the Robots are taken to the caped figure's home where Luke recuperates. After showing the video to Obi-Wan, they visit the Jawa vehicle to see that all the Jawas have been slaughtered and their vehicle has been destroyed. The attack had been carried out by Imperial Stormtroopers in a way that the Sand people would get the blame. However the Storm troopers made a number of careless errors such as leaving footprints. Scared for his family, Luke leaves Obi-Wan and the droids and ventures to his farm. The storm troopers have attacked and destroyed the farm and killed his aunt and uncle. He returns to Obi-Wan and asks to go with him to Alderaan as there's nothing here for him now.

Obi-Wan takes Luke and the droids to Mos Eisley, a place where to find transport to the planet of Alderaan. In the Cantina, Obi-Wan makes a deal with Han Solo to take them to the planet in the Falcon. In the special edition of the film, Han is confronted by Jabba before he was too fat to be able to move. Han manages to persuade Jabba to give him more time to get the money he owes. Jabba reluctantly agrees to more time to get the money. After close encounters with Storm troopers, they manage to get off the planet.

Vader and Tarkin interrogate Leia and threaten to blow up the planet of Alderaan if she does not reveal the location of the rebel base. She reveals that the base is on Dantooine. Tarkin believes she is lying as the planet is too far away for a rebel staging post and too far also to provide an example of the powers of the Death Star. He orders the destruction of Alderaan.

The Falcon is hit by debris from the exploded planet and as it passes through the asteroid belt, it is pulled into the Death Star. The crew hide on board the Falcon then clothe themselves in Storm trooper attire and make their way to the docking bay control room. After C-3PO reports that R2 keeps reporting the Princess is here, Luke persuades Han that if they were to rescue the Princess, he would be richer than his wildest dreams. Han, Luke and Chewbacca leave the control room to rescue the Princess but it doesn't go to plan. Obi-Wan sneaks away from the control room to disable the tracking beam so that they can escape when the time comes and also to face Darth Vader once more. They find the Princess but security are alerted to their attempt and so must make their way back to the Falcon in two groups, Han and Chewbacca as one group and Luke and Leia as the other. When they are all reunited at the Falcon, they witness Darth Vader kill a seemingly willing to die Obi-Wan who doesn't defend himself as Darth hits him with a light sabre. Luke tries to fight but a voice tells him to leave.

Leia instructs Han to fly to Yavin IV, a wooded planet where The Rebel Alliance's base is located. Luke signs up to fly an X-Wing fighter to attack the Death Star whereas Han decides not to become involved. After a briefing, the X-Wings leave the safety of the rebel base and launch their attack on the Death Star. To destroy the Death star, a missile must be fired into a hole in the Death Star which will cause a chain reaction ultimately ending with the destruction of the station. After a number of failed attempts, Luke decides to rely on the Force after hearing the voice of Obi-Wan telling him to do that. The advice works and the missile is fired into the tunnel thus causing the destruction of the Death Star. Han has a change of mind and gets involved to help Luke fire his last missile by taking out Darth Vader's TIE Fighter.

The Rebel forces return to Yavin IV where Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca are presented with medals.


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