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Apollo 13


Apollo 13

Apollo 13 is an Earth based non-Fiction which was released in 1995 and is directed by Ron Howard.

This is the true story of Apollo 13. Halfway between the Earth and the moon, the space craft developed an air leak. Instead of shouting and screaming, expecting themselves to die, the crew remained calm and worked on a way of getting back to Earth safely. The film follows the crew and support staff as they work on their plan. The crew members are Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and Jack Swigert. The film also shows their families coping with the incident.

Cast Members

Gene Kranz ( Ed Harris )

Ken Mattingly ( Gary Sinise )

Jack Swigert ( Kevin Bacon )

Jack Swigert is not a fictional character but is in fact a real person who flew on the Apollo 13 flight. He nearly didn`t go, he replaced Ken Mattingly three days before Apollo 13 took off. After leaving national aeronautics and space administration (n.a.s.a.), he went onto be elected as a Republican congressman but sadly died of a tumour before he could take up his seat.

Fred Haise ( Bill Paxton )

Jim Lovell ( Tom Hanks )


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