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Armageddon is a Solar System based science fiction which was released in 1998 and is directed by Michael Bay.

An asteroid shower hits and destroys both the space shuttle Atlantis and parts of New York. When they find that an asteroid is on its way, NASA sets about dealing with the threat. The plan that they come up with is to blow up the meteor using a nuclear bomb buried into the rock.

NASA recruits Harry Stamper who is reckoned to be the best deep sea driller in the world. He persuades NASA that he needs his team to help him. They accept Harry's demands and put the whole team through a series of gruelling tests before they go into space. Only when chunks of the meteor crash into Shanghai and Paris, do NASA reveal to the world what is happening and how they plan to deal with the problem.

When the time comes, the team along with the nuclear weapons leave in two military space shuttles, the Independence and the Freedom. The shuttles rendezvous with a space station but it soon becomes clear that the station is about to explode but they all manage to evacuate the space station in time. The space shuttles head off towards the meteor using the moon to slingshot it towards the asteroid.

Both teams land on the asteroid however the Independence had to crash land. When they discover that the military can detonate the nukes from earth, they disable the mechanism. However it is soon discovered that the automatic detonator is damaged and so someone must stay behind to ensure that they explode properly. When they draw lots, A.J. pulls the shortest straw, Harry swaps straws and decides to stay behind. The two crews leave the asteroid and once they are at a safe distance, the asteroid explodes into two parts, both of which miss Earth completely. The two crews return home as heroes. AJ Frost marries Grace Stamper who he had had a relationship with which Harry until the end had not been too happy with.

Cast Members

Bear ( Michael Duncan Clarke )

Grace Stamper ( Liv Tyler )

Harry Stamper ( Bruce Willis )

Harry Stamper is one of the world`s best oil drillers so when an asteroid is threatening the world, N.A.S.A. turns to the man they believe can drill a hole in it and blow it up. Harry has a daughter Grace Stamper who is in love with AJ Frost which Harry isn`t too keen on. However, when someone has to stay behind to ensure that the nuclear weapon goes off, Harry decides to stay and let AJ return to Earth and spend the rest of his life with Grace.

AJ Frost ( Ben Affleck )

AJ is a oil driller on a platform off the coast of the United States. He is called upon by N.A.S.A. to be part of a team that will land on an asteroid and drill into it to plant a nuclear device. If the team fails, the asteroid will destroy all life on Earth. He is in love with Grace Stamper, much to the annoyance of her father, Harry Stamper.

At the end of the mission, one person has to stay behind to ensure the device detonates. Everyone picks a short straw which AJ looses and has to stay. Harry takes AJ's place so that AJ can look after Grace.

Rockhound ( Steve Buscemi )

Chick ( Will Patton )

Dan Truman ( Billy Bob Thornton )

Oscar ( Owen Wilson )


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