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Star Wars II - Attack of the Clones


Star Wars II - Attack of the Clones

Star Wars II - Attack of the Clones is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 2002 and is directed by George Lucas.

With Sith Lord" href="/character/palpatine">Palpatine firmly in the Vice Chancellors position, a new crisis emerges as someone is determined to kill Queen Amidala. Obi-Wan and Anakin are tasked with providing protection for the Queen. During one attempt, the two Knights foil the attack and chase after the culprit. The assassin Zam Wessel is killed before they can get any information out of the mercenary as to who hired her. Obi-Wan is instructed to investigate the assassin whilst Anakin continues to provide protection for the Queen. Obi-Wan investigation leads to a water planet whose inhabitants are master clones men. They have produced an army of clones after being requested to do so by a legendary Jedi Knight who is now dead. Anakin takes the Queen to Tatooine in an attempt to rescue his mother. Unfortunately, she dies in his hands and in a fit of rage, he slaughters all the Tusken Raiders in the camp. Both Anakin and Obi-Wan meet up on a Mars-like planet after Obi-Wan discovers the hideout of Renegade Count Dooku. Vice-Chancellor Palpatine authorises the use of the Clones to attack the planet of Geonosis and destroy both armies of the Trade Federation and Geonosisans.


Associated Characters

Admiral AckbarAhsoka TanoAnakin SkywalkerAsajj VentressBail Organa
BazeBB8BistanBoba FettBodhi
C-3POCaptain PhasmaCassian AndorChewbaccaChirrut
Darth MaulDarth VaderDirector KrennicDJFinn
Galen ErsoGeneral GrievousGeneral HuxGrand Moff TarkinGreedo
Han SoloJabba, the HuttJango FettJar Jar BinksJyn Erso
K-2SOKylo RenLando CalrissianLuke SkywalkerLyra Erso
Mace WinduMaz KanataMon MothmaObi-Wan KenobiPadme Amidala
PaoPoe DameronPrincess LeiaQui-Gon JinnR2-D2
ReyRose TicoSaw GerreraShmi SkywalkerStormtrooper
Supreme Leader SnokeUnkar PluttWattoWedge AntillesYoda
Zam Wessel    

Associated Planets

CoruscantD`QarDagobahEaduHosnian Prime
Moon of EndorMustafarMygeetoNabooScarif
TakodanaTethUtapauYavin IV 

Associated Aliens

GungansHuttJawaKaminoanMon Calamarian
SullustTatooinianTauntaunToydarianTuskan Raider

Associated Spaceships

A-WingAT-AT WalkerAT-ST WalkerB-wingDeath Star
Imperial Lambda ShuttleLand SpeederMillennium FalconMon Calamarian CruiserSlave One
SnowspeederSpeeder BikeStar DestroyerStarkiller BaseSuper Star Destroyer
T.I.E. FighterTantive IVX-wingY-wing 

Associated Films

Star Wars - Han Solo MovieStar Wars - Rogue OneStar Wars - The Clone Wars
Star Wars I - The Phantom MenaceStar Wars III - Revenge of the SithStar Wars IV - A New Hope
Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes BackStar Wars VI - Return of the JediStar Wars VII- The Force Awakens
Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi  

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