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Attack the Block

Attack the Block is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2011 and is directed by Joe Cornish.

The film is a low budget but highly effective science fiction horror film set on a South London Council Estate. The creatures look like Krites from the Critters horror films but even more cheaply made. The only well known member of the cast is Nick Frost, who has appeared in ((a href="/film/paul"))Paul((/a)) and other films with Simon Pegg.

In a South London estate, Sam, a nurse is attacked by a group of hoodlums but is interrupted when something falls out of the sky. The distraction gives the young nurse time to escape. The item that fell from the sky attacks the hoodies as they go to investigate. They kill the creature then take it to their drug dealing friend Ron. More of the strange items fall from the sky as the hoodies go off to investigate.

The group are arrested by the police but manage to escape when the alien creatures attack and kill the police. During their escape, they smash a police van into the local crimes bosses car but when he is told that there are aliens, he don't believe them until the alien attacks. The hoodies and the nurse who was in the police van at the time of the crash escape and make their way up the tower block to survive. As the old adage goes 'My enemies enemy is my friend.'. As the aliens cannot be reasoned with and will kill and eat everything it can, the nurse joins forces with the hoodlums.

It transpires that the aliens are tracking the hoodlums because the hoodlums killed the creature that interrupted their mugging. That first creature killed was a female who when she was died sprayed pheromones onto the leader Moses and all the other creatures are following the scent. The creatures look like overgrown chimpanzees with no eyes, jet-black fur and massive amounts of teeth.

The majority of the cast are supposed to be twenty one or under, there are a couple of kids who are under ten. It bombed at the cinema, bringing nowhere near as much money it cost to shoot the film.

Cast Members

Jerome ( Leeon Jones )

Dennis ( Fanz Drameh )

Ron ( Nick Frost )

Hi-Hatz ( Jumayn Hunter )

Sam ( Jodie Whittaker )

Pest ( Alex Esmail )

Moses ( John Boyega )

Moses is a gang leader who with his friends and his mugging victim are trying to survive an alien attack on a London Housing Estate. Although the film was a disaster given that it lost more money than it made, John Boyega who played the role of Moses went onto star as Finn in Star Wars - The Force Awakens.


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