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Avatar is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 2009 and is directed by James Cameron.

Film set on the planet of Pandora, a lush green inhospitable planet that Earth wants to mine. The planet has a toxic atmosphere so Humans must either merge with their Na'vi carriers or use breathing apparatus.Earth is in dire straits, its energy supplies are at an all time low. They are in desparate need of a blue mineral that is found on Pandora. The mineral sells for $20 million dollars a kilo. The largest mine of this mineral happens to be under a big Na'vi village. Selfridge orders Augustine to find a diplomatic mission before the marines go in and take the mine by force. A number of ethical questions arise over this film, if theres something you need desparately, do you take it even. The moral answer is no.

As part of the diplomatic mission, someone must undergo a transformation to become of the Na'vi and try to persuade them to allow them to mine it. Enter Jake Sulley, a marine who became a paraplegic during a war on Earth volunteers to be the first. The operation is a success and he is sent out to look round the planet. Humans face fierce resistance from the inhabitents of the planet and battles break out between the two factions. Jake, now a Na'vi becomes torn between the love of a Na'vi and his fellow humans. It has echoes of Dances with Wolves and A Man Called Horse but with a science fiction take on the subject. There are also echoes of when Europeans colonized the Americas. The aliens and much of the scenary is CGI generated.

Cast Members

Col. Miles Quaritch ( Stephen Lang )

Col. Miles Quaritch is a military man`s man, he hold no punches and is a very determind man. He wants the minerals under the Na`vi settlement and if it wasn`t for Selfridge, he would not hesistate in launching a devastating attack. It is Quaritsch that recruits Jake Sully to gain information on the Na`vi. Miles promises Jake he`ll get his legs back working if MIles gets the information he wants.

Miles is a straight forward speaking individual, when we first see him, he tells the new arrivals that it is his responsibility to keep them alive but he will not succeed. When the humans loose the battle, Miles goes in search of Jake to kill him but ends up being killed himself.


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