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A View to a Kill

A View to a Kill is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1985 and is directed by John Glen. The film's theme tune is 'A View To A Kill' and was sung by Duran Duran.

James Bond starts in Antarctica retrieving a device then escape via an awaiting submarine.

The story sees bond going up against Max Zorin, a wealthy industrialist who with his henchwoman May Day plan to destroy San Francisco, Silicon Valley using a nuclear device to cause an earthquake and flood the area. Bond is assisted on the mission by Sir Godfrey Tibbett and Stacey Sutton.

This was Roger Moore's last appearance on screen as James Bond having appeared as James Bond in seven movies.

Sit Godfrey Tibbett is played by Patrick MacNee who used to play John Steed in the television series Avengers, not Marvel comic Avengers.

Cast Members

Max Zorin ( Christopher Walken )

May Day ( Grace Jones )

Stacey Sutton ( Tanya Roberts )

Sir Godfrey Tibbett ( Patrick MacNee )

Sir Godfrey Tibbet is a M.I.6. intelligence officer who appears in the James Bond, 007 film A View to a Kill. He doesn`t have a double-o number but that doesn`t prevent him from doing his work and investigating the operations of millionaire Max Zorin. Godfrey acts as James Bond`s chaffeur whilst James is visiting Zorin`s chateau. James treats Godfrey as a piece of dirt in his usual arrogant way even telling Godfrey to go get the car washed even when James clearly sees that Godfrey has been clearning it himself.

Godfrey`s work with James Bond comes to an end when he is killed by Zorin`s hench woman, May Day and his car is pushed into a lake.

Godfrey was played by Patrick McNee who is more famous for playing the character John Steed in the nineteen sixties British television series, The Avengers. The series the Avengers was about a team of intelligence officers who fought terrorists, some of the episodes were a bit far-fetched in terms of plot. Whilst the American`s had The Man from U.N.C.L.E, the British had the Avengers. The series should not be confused with the Marvel comics Avengers, or as Marvel did to differentiate between the two, Avengers Assemble as they are known in the United Kingdom.


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