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Blood and Chrome


Blood and Chrome

Blood and Chrome is which was released in 2012 and is directed by Jonas Pate.

Blood and Chrome is a spin-off movie that was first released as a series of Webisodes free to the public. It was eventually released as one whole movie with all parts joined up. The story followed Commander William Adama on his first mission with fellow Colonial Raptor pilot, Coker. Their objective is to fly to take Becca Kelly into hostile territory where they will await further instruction.

Once at the location, they are surprised to see that another long dead Battlestar is still alive. Inside the Battlestar, they are given a new mission. They must take Becca to Djerba, a world once regarded as place for luxury skiing, now under the control of the Cylons. All the time, the two pilots are in the dark about the mission. They grudgingly accept the mission and take Becca to the ice world.

All but one of their contacts on the planet are dead who comes to their aid when they are attacked by giant snakes. The Survivor who identifies them as Toth takes them into the complex where he tells them they are safe and that he has booby trapped the area so they'll know when the Cylon Centurions are close by. During the night whilst they get some sleep, the mines go off and its not long before they come under attack by the centurions and Toth is killed.

Coker has his suspicions about Becca but William doesn't, maybe because he's young and idealistic or that he's fallen for Becca. Coker wants to go back but William doesn't. When they finally get to their objective, Becca starts uploading the virus but when he sees the screen, he demands to kow what is going on and holds a gun at Becca. Coker discovers what she is actually uploading is information about the Battlestar fleet. William accepts the truth about Becca and destroys the communication equipment, Coker and William leave.

Becca is confronted by a semi-humanoid Cylon who says even though Becca is enlightened, the Cylon will still kill her before Becca is killed. Back on the Galactica, their commanding officer congratulates them and says the mission was a success and is ordering a coverup of what happened.

The Commanding Officer is played by Brian Markinson, an actor who also played Global Defence Department's Agent Jordan Durham, insinuating a possible link between the two, relatives or clones.

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