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Casino Royale 2006


Casino Royale 2006

Casino Royale 2006 is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 2006 and is directed by Martin Campbell. The film's theme tune is 'You Know My Name' and was sung by Chris Connell.

Casino Royale was the first James Bond Book that Ian Fleming got published in 1953. The first attempt at turning the story into a film came about in 1954 which was an American version of it. James Bond became Jimmy Bond C.I.A. agent and Felix Leiter became a British Intelligence officer. The plot still revolved around bringing down Le Chiffre in a high stakes poker game.

The film starts in black and white, the EON Production that features black and white footage. The scenes show how James Bond got his licence; he had to kill two people. The first was a MI6 section chief who was accused of selling secrets to a hostile organisation and the organisation's contact.

Le Chiffre arrives with Mr. White at a meeting with a freedom fighters headquarters in a rain forest. Although it is not said, there are strong indications that the character is based on Joseph Kony a leader in the guerrilla organisation Lord's Resistance Army which is fighting in Uganda. Mr. White and Le Chiffre agree to look after his money.

James Bond is on assignment in Madagascar following a terrorist suspect when the surveillance goes wrong and he has to chase him through a construction site and into a fictional countries embassy. James Bond ends up killing the suspect and blowing up oil drums to make his escape with the suspects ruck sack.

M is livid with James Bond and after finding him in her home, tells the blunt instrument as she calls him to go hide. He uses the information that he gained from the suspect he killed in Madagascar using satellite technology to an exclusive beach resort in the Bahamas and flies out to investigate further.

The suspect he has tracked down is Alex Dimitrios, an associate of Le Chiffre. James Bond makes himself known to Alex by playing him at cards and winning money and a car off Alex. James Bond also makes acquaintances with Solange, Alex's wife. James Bond manages to work his magic with Solange and before they know it, he making love with her. When James Bond discovers Alex is leaving the country, he follows Dimitrious to Miami where Alex is setting in motion a plan to blow up the largest plane ever created, the Skyfleet airliner. Alex has hired someone to smash an oil tanker into the aircraft and blow it up. Le Chiffre had bet against the market, hoping the stock would go down. Le Chiffre was shorting the business. James Bond manages to prevent the oil tanker from exploding but he gets himself arrested. At the airport, blink and you miss him, Sir Richard Branson; the British Billionaire makes an appearance as someone being patted down after setting off the security alarm.

After a few diplomatic discussions of which we never get to see, James Bond returns to the Bahamas and the Dimitrios home. Solange has been killed. M tells Bond that Le Chiffre is doing a high stakes poker game at the Casino Royale in Montenegro to win back his money and he's going there as part of a syndicate to win the money.

On the train to Montenegro, he meets Vesper Lynd from the British Treasury where they don't exactly hit it off.

The poker game takes place over two days where during that time, he is nearly killed twice. One attempt is by the Joseph Kony with a sword as they fight down flights of stairs. The other attempt is by Le Chiffre attempting to poison James Bond. In both attempts, Vesper Lynd is able to help him out. In the poisoning, Vesper Lynd repairs the damaged defibrillator and in the other, she manages to help disarm the man with the sword.

Midway through the game, James Bond manages to lose all the money the British Government had given him. He is loaned the money by Felix Leiter of the CIA who help him out.

'At the end of the game, James Bond has won all the money and Le Chiffre having lost all his money is fearful of his life.

James Bond and Vesper Lynd celebrate with a meal where afterwards, James Bond realises that his fellow agent Mathis is working with Le Chiffre and races after Vesper Lynd who has been captured. After chasing after the car that Vesper Lynd was in, he careers off the road and is knocked unconscious. Le Chiffre appears and takes Bond away to be tortured. Midway through the torturing, Mr White turns up and kills Le Chiffre and spares both Vesper Lynd and Bond.

James Bond is rescued and recuperates with Vesper Lynd before travelling to Venice on a break. It soon turns out that Vesper Lynd plans to give the money to the terrorist organisation and James Bond heads off to stop the transfer in a derelict building. James Bond is able to kill Mr White's henchmen but is unable to recover the money. Vesper Lynd commit suicide by drowning.

James Bond visits Mr Whites home and shoots him in the leg before uttering his famous catchphrase, 'The name's Bond, James Bond.'

Cast Members

Rene Mathis ( Giancarlo Giannini )

Rene Mathis ( Giancarlo Giannini ) Rene Mathis is James Bond`s contact in Montenegro where Casino Royale is located. The casino is where Le Chiffre has organised a high stakes poker game to claim back the losses he made betting against the airline industry. Rene is the man who James Bond turns to when he needs some dead bodies hidden so that the police don`t start looking into the situation. Rene hides the bodies in the boot of a car and then alerts the police who standing beside the car.

Rene is revealed to be a traitor, working hand in hand with Le Chiffre but in the follow up Quantum of Solace, Rene has been exonarated of all the crimes that he was supposed to do. Rene moved to Italy with his girlfriend Camille and when unexpectantly for Rene, James Bond comes to ask Rene for help. Rene takes a little convincing then agrees to help Bond get back to Bolivia and defeat Dominic Greene.

Rene is shot and dies in James`s arms who then dumps his body in a trash cart then returns to the business of bringing down Dominic and the rest of Quantum.

Le Chiffre ( Mads Mikklesen )

Le Chiffre ( Mads Mikklesen ) Le Chiffre or The Chief in English is the financier for the world`s terrorists. Le Chiffre only ever appears in Casino Royale and is played by Mads Mikklesen in what might be seen as his break out role in English cinema.

The character as mentioned in a financier to terrorists and freedom fighters across the world working for the shadowy Quantum organisation. When James Bond foils his latest plan to invest his clients money, he sets up a high stakes poker game in Montenegro at the Casino Royale to win the money back. Le Chiffre had bet his investors money on airline stocks going down after the Skyline aircraft, the largest aircraft in the world blowing up at Miami airport. The Skyline airline is a double decker airbus plane.

James Bond is sent to Montenegro to win the money back and bankrupt Le Chiffre. They hope that by bankrupting Le Chiffre, the financier will turn to M.I.6. or the C.I.A. for protection in return for knowledge of the Quantum organisation.

James Bond and Vesper Lynd are captured by Le Chiffre and tortured for knowledge of the whereabouts of the money. Le Chiffre is shot dead by Mr. White after Vesper agrees to get Mr White the money.

In the books, Le Chiffre was a Russian spy in France and had badly invested the K.G.B.`s money which James Bond had been sent to prevent him from getting the money back at the Casino Royale. In the film, Le Chiffre is an Albanian financier who ended up working for Quantum. M.I.6. don`t have much knowledge on him apart from very basic stuff.

Mollaka ( Sebastien Foucan )

Mollaka ( Sebastien Foucan ) Not much is known about Mollaka except that he`s a terrorist who was planning on carrying out a terrorist act in Mozambique. Mollaka was unable to carry out the operation because he was being watched by agents of the Secret Intelligence Service (M.I.6.), James Bond and Carter. M had given strict instructions to capture Mollaka but the operation didn`t go to plan when Mollaka spotted he was being watched and made a run for it. James chases Mollaka through the streets and through an unfinished building and then to the embassy for fictional country of Nambutu where James shoots the terrorist to escape.

In real life, Sebastian Foucan is one of the founders of the craze known known as Freerunning which some people might mix up with Parkour. Although they are the same to some, they are slightly different. During the chase through the construction yard, Sebastian shows off some of his Freerunning skills. Ref:Livestrong

Alex Dimitrios ( Simon Abkarian )

Alex Dimitrios ( Simon Abkarian ) Alex is a Greek Government Contractor who is also a terrorist organiser working on behalf of Le Chiffre, the main antagonist in the film. Dimitrios is also a gambler who looses his car, money and his wife Solange to James Bond in a card game. After the failure of Mollaka attempt at a terrorist outrage in Madagascar, Alex plans another outrage in Miama.

Alex arranges for Carlos to attempt to blow up a new prototype aircraft at Miami International Airport. James Bond kills Alex with a single stab with a knife in a Miami museum where Alex had gone to give Carlos the weapons and money for the attack.

Solange ( Caterina Murino )

Solange ( Caterina Murino ) Solange is the wife of Alex Dimitrios who James Bond gets to know so that he can get close to Alex and find out his plan. When James Bond foils the terrorist attack on the Skyline aircraft at Miami airport, Solange is killed as they believe she leaked information to James Bond.

Carlos ( Claudio Santamaria )

Carlos ( Claudio Santamaria ) Carlos is an assassin and a terrorist for hire. Alex Dimitrios hires him to blow up the Skyline aircraft which is being exhibited at Miami International Airport. James Bond discovers the plot and intercepts and kills Carlos with his own bomb device. The plan had been to blow up the craft which would have sent airline stock downwards and make Le Chiffre millions in the process.

Mr White ( Jesper Christensen )

Mr White ( Jesper Christensen ) Mr White is the head of the Quantum criminal organisation. It is not officially a terrorist organisation but a criminal organisation that provides services to terrorist organisations. Until the events of Casino Royale 2006, the foreign intelligence service of the U.K., M.I.6. had been unaware his organisation existed.

The scene where Mr White was going to be killed by James Bond in Quantum of Solace was removed from the film so that he could return and become the new Ernst Stavro Blofeld. At the time, EON Productions had not yet gained full ownership of the Spectre copyright so couldn't use that organisation. However once the legalities were resolved, Spectre returned and Quantum killed off.

Mr White's organisation would seem to be a subsection of the larger Spectre and when things went pear shaped for Quantum, Mr White went into hiding.

Mr White doesn't feature in Skyfall but returns for one last appearance in Spectre where he is seriously ill and where James Bond manages to track him down to Austria. Mr White manages to persuade James to protect his one and only daughter, a psychologist, Dr. Madeleine Swann before Mr White shoots himself in the head with James' gun.

Vesper Lynd ( Eva Green )

Vesper Lynd ( Eva Green ) Vesper Lynd is sent by the U.K. Treasury to look after the money that has been lent to James Bond in order to bankrupt the Quantum financier Le Chiffre. Neither James nor Vesper hit it off at the start of the operation. They meet onboard a train on their way to the Montenegro. Vesper Lynd is pretending to be James Bond`s mistress but she uses religon and a locked door to keep him at bay. When James looses the first amount of money that the Treasury has lent him, Felix Leiter offers to fund James to bring down Le Chiffre which he accepts.

After James has won all the money from Le Chiffre, James comes up with a cocktail which he names after Vesper. The ingredients are Three measures of Gordon`s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it`s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?

James and Vesper are kidnapped by Le Chiffre who tortures them both to get the money back. Mr. White turns up and shoots Le Chiffre, allowing James and Vesper to leave. After James has woken up at the M.I.6. safe house, Vesper comes onto James and they fall in love. They take time out and head to Venice, northern Italy.

When James is busy, Vesper hands the money over to Quantum and then commits suicide before James is able to rescue her from drowing. Vesper had given Quantum the money back because they were blackmailing Vesper in regards to the safe well being of her boyfriend who they would`ve killed had she not done as they wanted. The boyfriend was a ruse and the boyfriend is confronted by James Bond as the boyfriend was targetting a Canadian secret agent.


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