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Deep Impact

Deep Impact is a Solar System based science fiction which was released in 1998 and is directed by Mimi Leder.

Leo Biederman, a teenager astronomer spots an object near the stars of Mizar and Alcor, both in the Ursa Major constellation. He reports this to a professional astronomer who sadly dies before he can alert anyone.

When the U.S. Secretary for the Treasury resigns due to Ellie, reporter Jenny Lerner investigates. She believes someone in government is having an affair. The President persuades her to back off on the story for another day when he will reveal Ellie.

The President calls reporters to a conference where he announces what Ellie is, she's not someone that the Treasury Secretary is having an affair with. It's an acronym for Extinction Level Event (ELE) and not a person (ELLIE). The President announces that the Americans and Russians have been working together to come up with a solution to dealing with the incident. The two countries have been building a massive space ship called Messiah to deal with the incident. He reveals the crew who will go into space to deal with the threat.

When the mission to the meteor fails, causing it to break into two parts, Wolf and Bierderman, the President announces Marshall Law. He calls for selected people who would benefit the nation after the incident to go to an underground refuge. Bierderman is one of those selected but his girlfriend is not on the list and he plans to stay outside with her. Lerner is one of those selected also to go inside. However she gives her position up and joins her father on a beach as a tidal wave hits.

Earth based nuclear missiles fail to have the necessary impact of diverting the rocks. The smaller of the rocks, Bierderman crashes into the ocean causing a tidal wave that kills millions of people. The crew of the Messiah decide to sacrifice themselves to prevent more deaths. They cause a massive chain reaction in the core, causing it to explode, breaking the Wolf meteor into smaller chunks, thus reducing the likelihood of a ELE.

Cast Members

President Beck ( Morgan Freeman )

Alan Rittenhouse ( James Cromwell )

Alan's character is a high level Government official with the United States government in Deep Impact.

Jenny Lerner ( Tea Leoni )

Leo Biederman ( Elijah Wood )

Robin Lerner ( Vanessa Redgrave )

Jason Lerner ( Maximilian Schell )

Spurgeon Tanner ( Robert Duvall )

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