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Demolition Man

Demolition Man is a science fiction prediction of the Future on Earth which was released in 1993 and is directed by Marco Brambilla.

The film starts in the present then moves to the future where Los Angeles has now been destroyed and rebuilt after an Earthquake.

The film begins in the present where Simon Phoenix is holding prisoners in a warehouse. John Spartan leads an one man mission to rescue them. In the fight that ensues, the warehouse is destroyed and Simon Phoenix is apprehended. The hostages are killed. As a result of his recklessness and is blamed for the deaths of the hostages, John Spartan is put into deep freeze for years.

Years later, Simon Phoenix is thawed out for a parole hearing but he escapes and starts to cause havoc by killing people who gets in his way. Over the years, people have become pacifists and crime that Phoenix is causing is unheard of. The police`s only option is to thaw Spartan to go after the thawed out Spartan.

The film has a lot to say about Political Correctness as it is about crime. Although not set in space, it is one possible future of our planet. All the harmful things such as smoking and red meat have all become illegal. Physical sexual contact has become as extinct as the dinosaurs, procreation is done by the test tube to eradicate possible deformaties and avoid sexual disease. A group of people led by Edgar Friendly live by their own rules and are forced to live underground doing what they want. In the film, guns have disappeared, the only ones in existance are the ones in the museum which Spartan uses to fight Simon Phoenix.

One of the best scenes is where Spartan is fined for swearing and then goes to use the future toilets which use shells instead of paper.

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