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Diamonds Are Forever


Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1971 and is directed by Guy Hamilton. The film's theme tune is 'Diamonds are Forever' and was sung by Shirley Bassey.

The film begins with James closing in Ernst Stavro Blofeld but who he kills is just a clone.

Mr Kidd and Mr Wint, two of Blofeld henchmen kill a diamond smuggler with a scorpion after stealing his diamonds.

James Bond is tasked by M with investigating diamond smuggling and how it might affecting the diamond market price. He is sent to Amsterdam to impersonate a diamond smuggler and killer Peter Franks to meet contact Tiffany Case. He uses the body of Peter Franks who he had killed in Amsterdam to smuggle a quantity of diamonds to Los Angeles. Once he has arrived in LA, he meets Felix Leiter, his CIA contact who directs him to Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, he traces the diamonds to the Whyte House, a tall hotel. At the top of the hotel he encounters Blofeld and shoots him. It turns out that Blofeld who he killed is a clone and the real one walks in and disarms Bond. James is sent back down to the ground and whilst in the lfit, he is knocked out by a gas. He wakes up to find hes been put in a pipe underground and manages to escape by running along the pipe to find an exit point.

He returns to the Hotel and tricks Blofeld in a phone call to reveal where the real owner of the Whyte House is. Blofeld falls for it and James visits the location to be confronted by two of Blofelds female thugs, Bambi and Thumper. After a fight, he manages to find Willard Whyte and free him. Willard is taken back to the Whyte House where they discuss where Blofeld is. When Bond says Baja (pronounced Ba'ha), Willard says he has no operations there.

A plane drops Bond into the water off an oil rig in Baja and is taken onboard. He meets Blofeld who reveals he has control of a satellite that can destroy nuclear missiles and threatens the world to ransom. With the assistance of Tiffany Case who had been brought aboard the oil rig by Blofeld, 007 manages to defeat Blofeld.

Bond and Tiffany take a cruise after successfully defeating Blofold, but their peace is disturbed by the appearance of Mr Kidd and Mr Wint.

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