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Die Another Day


Die Another Day

Die Another Day is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 2002 and is directed by Lee Tamahori. The film's theme tune is 'Die Another Day' and was sung by Madonna.

James is sent by M to North Korean to kill Colonel Moon, a renegade colonel who is trading diamonds for weaponry. Inside the consignment of diamonds is an explosive which when detonates disfigures Zao's face. Zao is Colonel Moon's henchmen. In the ensuing melee, Colonel Moon escapes on a hovercraft with bond in pursuit. The chase ends with the Colonel going over a waterfall. Bond is captured and is forced to endure months of torture and interrogation.

Bond is released in return for Zao on a bridge. 007 is taken to a ship for evaluation but escapes and turns to the Chinese for help him in his quest to find out what Zao is up to. The Chinese tell him that Zao had been in Cuba recently and send him there to investigate.

In Cuba, he meets the bikini clad Jinx, a CIA agent where he had been posing as an ornthinologist(bird-watcher). He manages to seduce her into bed.

In the morning he heads to a clinic for a confrontation with Zao who is having his DNA altered but Zao escapes before either Bond or Jinx can kill him. James discovers tthat the payment for the alterations is a cache of diamonds which bear the mark of Gustav Graves, a British Billionaire on them. He returns to the UK to meet and confront the Billionaire.

After Graves and Bond fight a fencing match, Bond is handed an item which is a key to MI6s secret office under Tower Bridge. Bond is given the green light to go back on active service and heads to Iceland where Graves is demonstrating his new satellite called Icarus. Icarus was the mythological character that flew too close to the Sun. The satelllite is supposed to shine light onto dark areas so that crops can keep growing at night.

Bond with Miranda Frost, a MI6 agent imbedded into Gustavs organisation make love in the Ice bed before James her leaves to break into the giant dome housing a tropical zone. Inside Bond is captured but escapes when his ring break the glass floor. He escapes and gets into his car which has the ability to become invisible. The Invisibility car has to be the most stupid gadget that they've featured in the whole film series. He uses the car to escape from Zao and rescue Jinx.

Jinx and Bond travel to North Korea to confront Gustav Graves as he plans to use the Satellite to destroy the minefield between North and South Korea.

Cast Members

Zao ( Rick Yune )

Miranda Frost ( Rosamund Pike )

Miranda Frost ( Rosamund Pike )

Damian Falco ( Michael Madsen )

Damian Falco ( Michael Madsen ) Damien is the tough head of the C.I.A. who orders Jinx to stay with James Bond as he seeks to take down Gustav Graves. Damien is a desk job, he does not get out in the field. Although Damien is seen at the Border of North and South Korea, he does not shoot or even carry a gun.

Jinx ( Halle Berry )

Jinx ( Halle Berry ) Giacinta Johnson is more commonly known as Jinx because she was born on Friday the 13th. Jinx is an intelligence officer with the C.I.A.. She first appears coming out of the water like how Honey Ryder did in Dr. No many years previous.

Gustav Graves ( Toby Stephens )

Gustav Graves ( Toby Stephens )

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