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Doctor Who and the Daleks

Doctor Who and the Daleks is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 1965 and is directed by Gordon Flemyng.

The Doctor (Peter Cushing) and his companions arrive on the planet of Skaro, the home world of the Daleks. Unlike in the television series, The Doctor is just an inventor, not a timelord. They discover the planet has been damaged by high levels of radiation caused by a war between the Thals and The Daleks. The Daleks pushed themselves to the end of evolution and then retreated inside metal casing to protect against radiation. The Thals have developed antidotes to protect themselves from the high radiation levels. The Doctor and his companions help the Thals defeat the Daleks for one last time. This was a remake of the first encounter that the Doctor had in the series.

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I understand your suposed to bring back Dr.Who this year when this year and what channel will it be on and what time 11:00 P.M. like it use to be without comercial's?
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