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Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead


Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead

Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 2009 and is directed by James Strong.

The Doctor boards a bus as it goes on its normal journey through London. However this journey is different, it takes a wrong turn and goes through a wormhole to another planet. The planet is a desert planet and they are the only ones there. Lady Cristina de Souza takes it upon herself to be the defacto leader of the group giving orders. The Doctor just sits back and listens to what Cristina has to say.

The Doctor wanders off to do his own investigation where he meets a group of Trillobites who tell The Doctor that the planet used to be a thriving, lush planet before the stingray creatures arrived. The stingrays devour the planet and then move on to the next planet. There's nothing that can be done for this planet except escape. The Stingrays are metallic and when they travel, they create a time space portal and their next target is Earth.

On Earth, Capt. Magambo as head of U.N.I.T. has set up a cordon around where the bus disappeared and are working out what is going on with their chief scientist Malcolm Taylor. During UNITs investigations, Malcolm comes up with his own measurement which he calls a Malcolm.

Back on the Planet of the Dead, the Doctor has got what he needs and fixes the bus so that it can take off and return to Earth, closing the portal and preventing the Stingrays from coming to Earth. Back on Earth Cristina is arrested but the Doctor takes pity and releases her from her cuffs so Cristina is able to escape the police.

Cast Members

Lady Cristina de Souza ( Michelle Ryan )

Lady Cristina is a professional thief who escapes from the police by jumping on-board a double decker bus. When the bus travels through the wormhole, she takes charge of the survivors as they try to get back home. Taking charge means delegating a lot of the work to the Doctor and his sonic screwdriver.

Malcolm Taylor ( Lee Evans )

Malcolm Taylor is the chief scientest for UNIT when a portal opens up between Earth and the Planet of the Dead. He stays inside his vehicle trying to work out what is needed to get the passengers on the bus back from the other planet. During his calculations he comes up with a new measurement which he calls a Malcolm.

Capt. Magambo ( Noma Dumezweni )

Capt. Magambo is a senior officer within UNIT, the Earth task force tasked with helping the Doctor defeat threats to this planet. Although Erisa Magambo has been other episodes such as Turn Left, this is the film/episode that she will be best remembered for. Magambo sets up a cordon around an area of London where the bus that the Doctor was travelling on suddenly disappeared. Magambo is assisted with the mathematical capabilities of Malcom Taylor in his portable lab. Erisa doesn`t travel through the portal.


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