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Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride


Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2006 and is directed by Euros Lyn.

At the end of Doomsday, a startled bride, Donna Noble gets teleported onto the Tardis but neither know why. Donna orders that she be taken back to her wedding where she was at that time walking down the aisle to be married to Lance, the HR director of HC Clements where she worked.

When they return to Earth, its nearly Christmas and they land a short distance away from the church so they need to get a taxi to the place. They don't have any money so whilst The Doctor sees about getting money, Donna manages to get a taxi to take her to her wedding. The driver is an automated robot and The Doctor using the Tardis follows the taxi to rescue her.

The wedding is cancelled but the reception party is in full swing when Donna turns up. Donna, angry at missing the big day carries on with the reception but is interrupted by the robot Father Christmases that had attempted to kidnap her earlier. The Doctor, Donna and Lance leave to investigate what is going on. The Doctor discovers that she has been flooded with Huolon particles by whom is unknown.

The Doctor takes Noble back to the beginning of the creation of the Earth because Huolon particles are old, very old, older than the Earth. The Doctor discovers that the Raknoss Empress had put something in our solar system which was then encompassed by the Earth and now she wants to restart her race.

When the Doctor confronts the Empress, Donna discovers that Lance set her up and betrays Donna. The Empress betrays Lance and has both Lance and Donna tied up. Lance is killed by falling into the pit when the Empress releases him. The Doctor destroys both the place with fire and flooding the hole where the Raknoss are breeding.

At the end, Donna invites the Doctor in for a Christmas Dinner but the Doctor declines but as a parting gift, he makes the area snow.

Associated Characters

AceAmy PondAshildrBill PottsBrigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Clara OswaldDavrosJamieK9Leela
Martha JonesMelMickey SmithNardolePeri
RaniRassilonRiver SongRomanaRory Williams
Rose TylerSarah-Jane SmithThe MasterValeyard 

Associated Planets

AlzariusArgolisAsia MinorAtriosCastrovlva
ChlorisDelta MagnaDeva LokaDulkisExxilon
FrontiosGallifreyInter MinorJacondaKarfel
MarsMetebelis 3MondasNecrosNerva
PeladonRibosSan HeliosSegonaxSense-Sphere
SvartosTelosTerra AlphaThoros BetaTigella
VarosVortisXerosZanakZeta Minor

Associated Aliens

Great VampiresIce WarriorJudoonKrillitanesKrynoid
MandrelsMarshmenMorokOodSea Devil
The SilenceThe SirenTimelordTritovoreTythonians
VervoidWeeping AngelsWirrnZygon 

Associated Spaceships


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