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Doctor Who T.V. Movie

Doctor Who T.V. Movie is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 1996 and is directed by Geoffrey Sax.

This was the first attempt at resurrecting The Doctor after the series was cancelled in 1989. It was collaboration between the BBC and an American Network. They transposed the action from the usual British locations to San Francisco, just before the Millennium. On board the Tardis are the remnants of the Master, The Doctors enemy Timelord. After a freak accident, the Master escapes from his containment field to the outside world. The Doctor is wounded and after leaving the Tardis, he is taken to hospital. The Medical Doctors are alarmed at the fact that he has two hearts. Whilst in the care of the medical services, he changes again, this time into his youngest incarnation. This episode sees the first time the Doctor becomes romantically involved with anyone as he fights the Master for the last time. The Doctor has to defeat the Master before the start of the new millennium with the aid of a medical doctor.

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