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Doctor Who - Waters of Mars

Doctor Who - Waters of Mars is a Solar System based science fiction which was released in 2009 and is directed by Graeme Harper.

The Doctor arrives on Mars and after a slightly unfriendly encounter with a robot, he is invited into the base headed by Adelaide Brook. When he discovers the date, he decides to leave as he does not wish to change the future course of history. Contact with two members of the crew is lost. One had eaten a carrot which he had washed just a minute previous. The other one was attacked by the first. As things progress, more base members become infected due to coming in contact with water. Investigation leads them to discover that one of the crew didn't replace a filter properly and the organism that is affecting the crew members was from water found on the planet. The Organism plans to get to Earth where there is an abundance of water on the planet. Adelaide orders the destruction of the base to prevent the organism from getting anywhere. As the seconds count down, The Doctor uses the base robot which he hates to get to his Tardis and program it back to come to the base. The Tardis manages to get the crew members to safety and land back on Earth. Mia is disgusted at what happens and runs off with Yuri in hot pursuit. Adelaide is angered at knowing that with her survival, The Doctor has changed the course of the future. Her granddaughter was to lead an advanced future mission into space and because Adelaide lives, she fears the granddaughter will not be inspired as much so when she goes into her house, she kills herself. The Doctor's ego gets the better of him and he begins to think he can do what he likes. An Ood appears to warn the Doctor of the future.

Cast Members

Commander Adelaide Brooke ( Lindsay Duncan )

Commander Adelaide Brooke is an astronaut on the Mars base. She is one of the few survivors from where the water turned people in Zombies. Once the The Doctor has saved Adelaide and taken her down to Earth, she kills herself. Adelaide wasn`t supposed to have survived the zombie infestation but the Doctor saw her to safety. The Doctor tells Adelaide that her dying on the Mars Base inspired future travellers in the original timeline had affected her and caused her to take the fatal path.

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