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Cast Members

Dr. No ( Joseph Wiseman )

Dr. No ( Joseph Wiseman ) Dr. No played by Joseph Wiseman was the first enemy from SPECTRE that James Bond faced in the films. The first enemy that James faced in the books was Le Chiffre. Dr. No was a wealthy businessman who had a secret lair on Crab Key island which he uses a mechanical dragon to frighten people away from what he was doing. His ultimate aim to bring down the United States space programme which he might have succeeded if it wasn`t for James Bond. Dr. No has a mechanical having lost in a previous incident unrelated to what he is doing there in Crab Key.

Honey Ryder ( Ursula Andress )

Honey Ryder ( Ursula Andress ) Honey Ryder was the first Bond girl to assist James Bond in defeating a terrorist. James meets Honey as she comes out of the water in Crab Key singing `Underneath the Mango Tree` where James joins in. Honey is a shell collector and threatens James that if he tries to take her shells, he will live to regret it. He asssures her his intentions are most honourable. They are captured by Dr. No`s hench-men and taken inside Dr. No`s facility. They are treated well as guests and then held in prison. When James escapes, he blows up the place and rescues Honey.

The scene where James meets Honey Rider has been parodied and copied and been the inspiration for many other films such as Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me. In Die Another Day, there is a nod to the meeting when James meets Jinx for the first time, the bikini is not white though.

Quarrel ( John Kitzmiller )

Quarrel ( John Kitzmiller ) Quarrel is a Cayman Island who assists James Bond in two books but he only appears in one film. The other book that Quarrel appears in is Live and Let Die which in the book order came first. To get round the anomaly, in Live and Let Die film, Quarrel`s character becomes Quarrel Jr., Quarrels descendent. They couldn`t do it any other way because Quarrel is killed off in Dr. No.

Quarrel is killed by the dragon that inhabits the island of Crab Keys where Dr. No is working on his plan to thwart the U.S. space program with a nuclear disaster.