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Dr. No

Dr. No is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1962 and is directed by Terence Young. The film's theme tune is 'James Bond Theme' and was sung by John Barry & Orchestra.

After the death of John Strangways, the M.I.6. Station Chief in Jamaica, M instructs James Bond to investigate.

On arrival in Jamaica, James begins his investigations. After searching the dead agents home, he finds the boatman, Quarrel who appears in a photo with Stangways at the home. The boatman appears uncooperative and tries to beat up Bond. The fight is stopped when Felix Leiter appears and introduces himself. Felix and Quarrel reveal themselves to be a CIA agents. Felix had been shadowing Bond since the moment he landed. The CIA reveal why they are here on the Island, they are investigating signals that are interrupting NASA space flights. Quarrel reveals that they believe that the signals are coming from Crab Key, an Island owned by a reclusive Doctor Julius No. After persuading Quarrel to take him to Crab Key, James sets off to visit the Island.

On the Island he meets a bikini-clad shell hunter called Honey Ryder who tells him of the Dragon on the Island. James dismisses the rumour and decides to stay the night to investigate. That night, they come across the Dragon which turns out to be a mechanized fire-breathing machine and are captured by the SPECTRE agents and taken to the base.

James meets Doctor No for the first time who explains what he plans to do. James manages to escape and cause an overheat of the cooling system that results in the bases' destruction.


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