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Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back


Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 1980 and is directed by Irvin Kirschner.

The Empire sends droids to every planet in the galaxy in their quest to find the Rebels. When a droid crash lands on the planet Hoth where the alliance is hiding, Han Solo and Chewbacca volunteer to investigate the droid. When the droid is destroyed, the Empire is alerted to the Alliance presence on the planet. The Empire launches a full scale attack on the ice world but the Rebels manage to escape. After leaving Hoth, Luke Skywalker heads to Dagobah to meet with Yoda, a Jedi Master for teachings who he had seen in a premonition earlier. Han and Princess Leia navigate an asteroid field in the Millenium Falcon before visiting Lando Calrissian who betrays them. Luke sees a premonition whilst training and leaves Yoda to help. Darth Vader and Luke battle culminating in Darth telling Luke who his father is. Han is frozen and taken to Jabba which the others promise to rescue him.

Cast Members

Lobot ( John Hollis )

Lobot ( John Hollis ) Lobot is a robot that maintain the security on cloud City, Bespin, the gas planet. He only appears in star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back.


Associated Characters

Admiral AckbarAhsoka TanoAnakin SkywalkerAsajj VentressBail Organa
BazeBB8BistanBoba FettBodhi
C-3POCaptain PhasmaCassian AndorChirrutCount Dooku
Director KrennicFinnGalen ErsoGeneral GrievousGeneral Hux
Grand Moff TarkinGreedoJabba, the HuttJyn ErsoK-2SO
Kylo RenLyra ErsoMace WinduMaz KanataMon Mothma
Obi-Wan KenobiPadme AmidalaPalpatinePaoPoe Dameron
R2-D2ReySaw GerreraShmi SkywalkerStormtrooper
Supreme Leader SnokeUnkar PluttWedge Antilles  

Associated Planets

CoruscantD`QarEaduGeonosisHosnian Prime
JakkuJedhaKaminoKashyyykMoon of Endor
TatooineTethUtapauYavin IV 

Associated Aliens

GungansHuttJawaKaminoanMon Calamarian
SullustTatooinianTauntaunToydarianTuskan Raider

Associated Spaceships

A-WingAT-AT WalkerAT-ST WalkerB-wingDeath Star
Imperial Lambda ShuttleLand SpeederMon Calamarian CruiserSlave OneSnowspeeder
Speeder BikeStar DestroyerStarkiller BaseSuper Star DestroyerT.I.E. Fighter
Tantive IVX-wingY-wing  

Associated Films

Star Wars - Rogue OneStar Wars - The Clone WarsStar Wars I - The Phantom Menace
Star Wars II - Attack of the ClonesStar Wars III - Revenge of the SithStar Wars IV - A New Hope
Star Wars VI - Return of the JediStar Wars VII- The Force AwakensStar Wars VIII - The Last Jedi

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