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Enemy Mine


Enemy Mine

Enemy Mine is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 1985 and is directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

Humans and Draks are at war over planet possession. When a Human and a Drak are both marooned on a rocky planet, they must put their differences aside to survive. They don't exactly get on well at first but come round to liking one another. Shigan has only one gender and so can self-replicate and when he gives birth, Davidge has to take care of the new born called Zammis. The human acts as a surrogate father to the young Drak. When slavers arrive on the planet, Zammis is kidnapped and so Davidge launches a rescue bid. After rescuing Zammis and other Draks, he is taken to the Drak home world and is rewarded. This starts the ending of the war between the two planets.

Cast Members

Willis Davidge ( Dennis Quaid )

Jeriba -Jerry- Shigan ( Louis Gossett Jr. )

Zammis ( Bumper Robinon )

Zammis is a drak male character from Enemy Mine.

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