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LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring


LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring

LOTR - Fellowship of the Ring is a Fantasy film which was released in 2001 and is directed by Peter Jackson.

The film begins with a battle between the forces of Middle Earth as they fight to stop the power of Lord Sauron and his Orc Army. During the fight, the finger with the One Ring that rules all the other rings is chopped off and the ring is claimed by the human Isuldor. Instead of destroying it, Isuldor keeps it but it's not long before the human owner is killed and the ring is lost again. The ring is found by a hobbit called Gollum who is manipulated him by its power. The ring extends Gollum's life to an unnatural age. Eventually he loses the ring and it falls into the possession of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit.

At a celebratory party, Gandalf, a human wizard realises what the ring is and orders that it be handed over to him. After a little persuasion, the ring is handed over. The ring must be destroyed and Gandalf hands it over to Frodo to tell him to destroy it. In the book, Frodo tells everyone he is moving so as to not arouse anyone's suspicions whereas in the film, he takes off. Sam overhears the conversation between Gandalf and Frodo and volunteers to help. The dark forces of Mordor are rising again, the Dark Forces send out the Wraith to track down the ring. The Wraith are dark hooded horse riders whose faces are hidden from view. Gandalf does investigations whilst the hobbits are setting off.

The two hobbits are soon joined by two of his friends, Merry and Pippin after they crash into them in the fields. The four hobbits visit Bree where they plan to stay the night before travelling on. They visit the Prancing Pony Inn where they hope to spend the night. They catch the attention of a Ranger who watches them. During festivities at the inn, Frodo gets a bit drunk and falls over, the ring slips on his finger and he disappears. He visits a ghostly world which also alerts the Wraith to the presence of the ring and they head for the town. In the ghostly world, he sees the Eye of Sauron and hears voices. When he returns to the real world the Ranger grabs him and takes him to a room where they have a conversation. The Ranger identifies himself as Aragorn. The Wraith enter the village but attack the wrong rooms.

The next morning, Aragorn leads the Hobbits to Rivendell, home to the Elven King Elrond. Elrond was at the battle where Lord Sauron was defeated. When they reach Weathertop, they are attacked by the Wraith and Frodo is speared by one of their Wraiths' swords. They manage to escape the Wraiths but are again confronted by the Wraith, this time, there is help for the party in the shape of Glorfindel who helps them cross the river and then Elrond causes a flood to wash them away. In the movie, it is Arwen who comes to their aid and causes a river flood to kill the Wraith.

When all of the party arrive at Rivendell, Elrond convenes a meeting. As well as the Hobbits and Aragorn, there is also Gandalf, Boromir, Gimili and Legolas. At the meeting it is decided that they band together to ensure that Frodo gets to Mordor to destroy the ring. During the journey, Boromir tries to get the ring off Frodo but fails. They take a short detour through the Mines of Moria where they lose Gandalf after he stays to fight the Balrog, a creature of immense height and power. Once out of the mines, it is not long before they face an army of Orcs, bent on regaining the ring. After the battle, Frodo slips away, he doesn't want to burden the others with his mission. Sam follows him and insists on helping even if it means nearly drowning.

In the book, the Hobbits visit the home of Tom Bombadil but this character is omitted from the film version.


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