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From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1963 and is directed by Terence Young. The film's theme tune is 'From Russia With Love' and was sung by Matt Monro.

After the death of Dr. No in the film Dr. No, SPECTRE set about gaining their revenge on James Bond.

The plan is lure James Bond out into the open by using Tatiana, a Russian government agent who wants to defect to Britain. The SPECTRE hierarchy gives the overall mission responsibility to Rosa Klebb who then uses Red Grant to help here.

James Bond's mission takes him Istanbul and onto and then off the Orient Express. This is one of the few early films that never involved a nuclear device and was very much grounded in reality with dealing with a Russian defection.

Cast Members

Rosa Klebb ( Lotte Lenya )

Rosa Klebb is the main antagonist in the James Bond book and film. She is a high ranking operative in Spectre who is tasked with getting revenge on James Bond for the defeat of their agents. In the books, she is a Russia operative of SMERSH but for international relations, she changed employer. Although not explicitly said, she is implied to be a lesbian.

After the operation that she masterminded to entrap Bond fails, Rosa Klebb decides to take things into her own hands and visits bond to kill him with knifes protruding from her shoes which ultimately fails.

Tatiana ( Daniela Bianchi )

Tatiana is a Russian employer who become embroiled in SPECTRE`s plans to get revenge on James Bond. She is tasked with defecting to the West with a Lektor cryptographic device. She will only defect with the help of James Bond and so the British Secret Intelligence Service (M.I.6.) obliges and sends Bond to Istanbul, Turkey to facilitate the defection.

Grant ( Robert Shaw )

Grant was hand selected by Rosa Klebb to help her bring about the death of James Bond. During the mission, he pretends to be James` contact in Istanbul with his clear cut English accent. Grant is tasked with making sure that James is protected until he can be disposed of.


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