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Goldeneye is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1995 and is directed by Martin Campbell. The film's theme tune is 'Goldeneye' and was sung by Tina Tuner.

James is sent by M to Arkhangelsk in Russia to rendezvous with 006, Alec Trevalyan to destroy the chemical weapons factory there. During the mission, Alec is captured by the base commander, General Arkady Ourumov and shot whilst James is able to escape from the base by flying a small plane.

Nine years later whilst on a mission in Monte Carlo, he meets the mysterious and beautiful Xenia Onatopp but doesn't manage to win her over. Xenia is a member of the Janus crime syndicate in St. Peterburg. She is there to make love and kill a Canadian Naval Admiral which she does using her thighs. He steals a security pass which she uses to get onboard a French Frigate that is the location for demonstrating the new Eurocopter Tiger helicopter. The Eurocopter is designed to withstand an EMP pulse.

In Severnaya, Russia, the Eurocopter is used by General Ourumov and Xenia to escape from the satellite station when one of Russia's two EMP satellites explodes overhead. M and James Bond watch the incident from a spy satellites recording. They notice the Eurocopter is used and M tells Bond to go to St. Petersburg to find out about Janus syndicate and if they're behind it.

When he arrives in St. Peteresburg, he meets his new CIA contact, Jack Wade who suggests he meets Valentin Zukovsky, a KGB turned bar owner in town. Valentin is crippled, having been given an injury by Bond but after a few careful words of persuasion, Valentin agrees to put Bond in contact with the Syndicate.

Bond meets Xenia in a swimming pool at the hotel where she tries to kill him with her thighs but he manages to free himself from her. She takes him to a park where old stone memorials of the first communist leaders are taken. He comes face to face with Alec Trevalyan who is escaped from the chemical plant, albeit badly burnt. He knocks Bond out and places him inside the Eurocopter along with Natalya Simonova, a survivor from the Severnaya attack. Using his strength, Bond manages to activate the eject mechanism and on arriving back on the ground, he is arrested by the police.

Bond is taken to the Russian Ministry of Defence where he is being interrogated when Ourumov walks in, shoots the interrogator to frame Bond and in the ensuing melee, Ourumov escapes with Natalya. Bond follows the fleeing General and steals a tank to follow the vehicle that Ouromov is driving. The chase leads to an armoured train which Bond stops by using the tank. Inside the tank are Ourumov, Alec and Xenia. Bond breaks into the tank to confront his one time friend, he kills the General but Alec and Xenia escape. The train is set to explode in three minutes but they manage to escape after working out one of Boris' puzzles.

Bond and Natalya trek to Cuba to find the control station for the second EMP satellite. Arecibo Radio Telescope is used as the site for the climax. James and Natalya are captured and taken inside the control room where Boris is configuring the satellite. Boris starts playing about with the pen that Q had given him earlier. Three clicks of the pen top arms the explosive inside the pen, another three disarms it. Bond looses count of how many times Boris clicks the gun and in the end, just knocks it out of his hand. The pen explodes which distracts the terrorists, enabling Natalya to reconfigure the satellite and lock out control. Boris works to crack Natalyas code and get Alecs plan back on schedule. James escapes out the base and heads to the top of the radio telescope to destroy the antenna by jamming its control mechanism, Alec follows to prevent bond whilst Boris Grishenko, a satellite engineer attempts to get the satellite back under his control.. Alec's plan had been to hack into the Bank of England, transfer money out and then use the EMP to destroy the electronic records of the bank to cover his track.

Cast Members

Valentin Zukovsky ( Robbie Coltrane )

Valentin Zukovsky ( Robbie Coltrane ) Valentin Zukovsky used to be a K.G.B. spy who when the Soviet Union fell apart was able to make the transition to become a free market businessman. He appeared in two James Bond films, Goldeneye and The World is not Enough. Zukovsky walks with a limp, having been shot in the leg by James Bond. Valentin offers to do the same professional curtesy that was shown onto him but James manages to bargain his way out and get persuade Valentin to be put in contact with the Janus Syndicate.

In the World is Not Enough, the coldness between the two characters (Valentin and James Bond) warms up a lot. Valentin doesn't hold a grudge against James Bond anymore. Valentin owns a casino where Electra King places a bet at the table where she expects to loose. Valentin rescues James Bond at the end of the film before James' neck is broken by Electra King.

Natalya Simonova ( Izabella Scorupco )

Natalya Simonova ( Izabella Scorupco ) Natalya Simonova is a Russian programmer working for the Government at Severnaya satellite control station. When General Arkady Ourumov kills everyone and steals the Goldeneye weapon key, she is the only one to survive. She makes her way to St. Petersburg where she eventually partners up with James Bond.

Natalya insists that James Bond takes her to Cuba so that she can help him stop Alec Trevalyn from using the Goldeneye weapon and cause untold amount of damage on the financial markets.

Boris Grishenko ( Alan Cummings )

Boris Grishenko ( Alan Cummings ) Boris is a computer engineer who works at the Severnaya satiellite tracking station. Boris comes across as being very immature for his age and his immaturity gets on Natalya Simonova`s nerves. When the Severnaya`s station is attacked, it is believed he was killed but he survived. Boris turned out to be working for Alec Trevelyan, the supposedly dead M.I.6. double-O agent. Boris sets up a trap to capture Natalya which works and she is taken to Alec where she is to be killed in a helicopter incident.

Boris returns at the end of the film where he seen is programming the second Goldeneye satellite whose target is London, United Kingdom.

Caroline ( Serena Gordon )

Caroline ( Serena Gordon ) Caroline is a minor character in Goldeneye and doesn`t appear in any other film. Caroline was sent out to evaluate James Bond in Monaco. Caroline and James Bond are in the Aston Martin when Xenia Onatopp drives past. James decides to race Xenia much to Carolines displeasure but James stops when Caroline orders him to.

General Arkady Ourumov ( Gottfried John )

General Arkady Ourumov ( Gottfried John ) Ourumov is head of the Arkangel Chemical Weapons base when James Bond and Alec Trevelyan attack it. He is responsible for allegedly killing Alec in the head when James refuses to surrender.

Years later, Ourumov and Xenia Onatopp visit the Severnaya complex to try out one of the Goldeneye nuclear satellites. They kill nearly everyone except Natalya Simonova who hid in a cupboard. The Russian Government tasks Ourumov with investigating the incident who resigns then promptly unresigns when he hears there was a survivor of the incident.

Ourumov has sided with Alec Trevalyn who is determind to bring about world wide financial catastrophe by blowing up a nuclear device above London.

Xenia Onatopp ( Famke Jenssen )

Xenia Onatopp ( Famke Jenssen ) Xenia Onatopp is an ex-Soviet soldier who becomes a henchman for the Janus crime syndicate. Xenia Onatopp is known for being able to kill people by using her thighs to prevent them from breathing. Xenia enjoys killing and seems to get off on it. Her boyfriend is Alec Trevelyan, an ex-MI6 intelligence officer and one-time friend of James Bond who was allegedly killed at the Russian Archangel chemical weapons plant by General Arkady Ourumov, head of the Russian space division.

Xenia is an expert helicopter pilot which she uses to steal the Tiger Eurocopter.

James Bond first encounters Xenia in a car race down a mountain side in Monaco then he meets her again in a Casino where the introducing doesn`t go to well. The next time Bond encounters Xenia is in a sauna where Xenia tries to kill him using her powerful thighs to crush his chest but James is able to fend her off.

Xenia Onatopp is killed by having her back broken when James shoots at the helicopter that she rapelled from.

Alec Trevelyan ( Sean Bean )

Alec Trevelyan ( Sean Bean ) Alec Trevelyan is a `Lienz Cossack` who was orphaned after the Second World War. M.I.6. took him under their wing and trained him to become an agent like James Bond hoping Alec Trevelyan would never know his true history. Alec is given the code number 006 and has the same Licence to Kill as James Bond. When Trevelyan finds out about his history, Alec fakes his own death at the hands of General Arkady Ourumov, head of the Russian Space Division when both Alec and James Bond are sent to the Arkangel site in Russia. When Bond changes the bomb timer, Alec is unable to get away clearly and is badly burnt.

Years after the incident at the Archangel Chemical plant, Alec sets about exacting revenge on the British for their treatment of the Cossacks. The Cossacks were returned to Russia after the Second World War and many were killed in revenge for them siding with the Nazis.

Alec got Ourumov to test one of the Goldeneye nuclear bomb satellites on Sevanaya, Siberia.

As Bond changed the timer of the bomb, Alec was unable to get unscathed and his face became badly disfigured. Alec reinvented himself as head of the Janus crime syndicate in St. Petersburg, Russia. When the first Goldeneye satellite exploded, James was sent to St. Petersburg to investigate which is where they came across one another again.

Alec has a female henchman Xenia Onatopp who revels in killing both with guns and with constricting people chests with her thighs. James Bond encounters his one time friend is a graveyard for Lenin monuments in St. Petersburg but before James is able to kill Alec, James is knocked unconscious.

After Sevanaya was destroyed, Alec Trevalyn and General Arkady Ourumov travel to Cuba to use the second Goldeneye satellite on London, causing world wide economic meltdown.


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