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Goldeneye is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1995 and is directed by Martin Campbell. The film's theme tune is 'Goldeneye' and was sung by Tina Tuner.

James is sent by M to Arkhangelsk in Russia to rendezvous with 006, Alec Trevalyan to destroy the chemical weapons factory there. During the mission, Alec is captured by the base commander, General Arkady Ourumov and shot whilst James is able to escape from the base by flying a small plane.

Nine years later whilst on a mission in Monte Carlo, he meets the mysterious and beautiful Xenia Onatopp but doesn't manage to win her over. Xenia is a member of the Janus crime syndicate in St. Peterburg. She is there to make love and kill a Canadian Naval Admiral which she does using her thighs. He steals a security pass which she uses to get onboard a French Frigate that is the location for demonstrating the new Eurocopter Tiger helicopter. The Eurocopter is designed to withstand an EMP pulse.

In Severnaya, Russia, the Eurocopter is used by General Ourumov and Xenia to escape from the satellite station when one of Russia's two EMP satellites explodes overhead. M and James Bond watch the incident from a spy satellites recording. They notice the Eurocopter is used and M tells Bond to go to St. Petersburg to find out about Janus syndicate and if they're behind it.

When he arrives in St. Peteresburg, he meets his new CIA contact, Jack Wade who suggests he meets Valentin Zukovsky, a KGB turned bar owner in town. Valentin is crippled, having been given an injury by Bond but after a few careful words of persuasion, Valentin agrees to put Bond in contact with the Syndicate.

Bond meets Xenia in a swimming pool at the hotel where she tries to kill him with her thighs but he manages to free himself from her. She takes him to a park where old stone memorials of the first communist leaders are taken. He comes face to face with Alec Trevalyan who is escaped from the chemical plant, albeit badly burnt. He knocks Bond out and places him inside the Eurocopter along with Natalya Simonova, a survivor from the Severnaya attack. Using his strength, Bond manages to activate the eject mechanism and on arriving back on the ground, he is arrested by the police.

Bond is taken to the Russian Ministry of Defence where he is being interrogated when Ourumov walks in, shoots the interrogator to frame Bond and in the ensuing melee, Ourumov escapes with Natalya. Bond follows the fleeing General and steals a tank to follow the vehicle that Ouromov is driving. The chase leads to an armoured train which Bond stops by using the tank. Inside the tank are Ourumov, Alec and Xenia. Bond breaks into the tank to confront his one time friend, he kills the General but Alec and Xenia escape. The train is set to explode in three minutes but they manage to escape after working out one of Boris' puzzles.

Bond and Natalya trek to Cuba to find the control station for the second EMP satellite. Arecibo Radio Telescope is used as the site for the climax. James and Natalya are captured and taken inside the control room where Boris is configuring the satellite. Boris starts playing about with the pen that Q had given him earlier. Three clicks of the pen top arms the explosive inside the pen, another three disarms it. Bond looses count of how many times Boris clicks the gun and in the end, just knocks it out of his hand. The pen explodes which distracts the terrorists, enabling Natalya to reconfigure the satellite and lock out control. Boris works to crack Natalyas code and get Alecs plan back on schedule. James escapes out the base and heads to the top of the radio telescope to destroy the antenna by jamming its control mechanism, Alec follows to prevent bond whilst Boris Grishenko, a satellite engineer attempts to get the satellite back under his control.. Alec's plan had been to hack into the Bank of England, transfer money out and then use the EMP to destroy the electronic records of the bank to cover his track.


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