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Goldfinger is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1964 and is directed by Guy Hamilton. The film's theme tune is 'Goldfinger' and was sung by Shirley Bassey.

On holiday in Miami, James Bond spots Auric Goldfinger cheating at a game of cards with someone watching and radioing what cards his opponent has and then turns the tables on Goldfinger. When James is not expecting it, Oddjob knocks out Bond and paints the woman who James had taken to bed gold.

Goldfinger plans to explode a nuclear device at Fort Knox, Kentucky, the U.S. Gold Bullion Reserve. The aim is to make the bullion radioactive so that his gold reserves will rise in value. Bond meets Goldfinger at a golf game where James sets Goldfinger up to cheat.

Bonds identity is discovered and hes put on a rack where a laser is being fired which will split Bond into two unless he escapes. Bond utters the word 'Grandslam' which causes Goldfinger to release him. Bond manages to get word to the outside world about what Goldfinger does so that the United States Army can be prepared for the attack and assist in defeating Goldfinger. Bond has inside help from Pussy Galore, leader of a group of flying acrobats who he has managed to persuade to change sides.

Cast Members

Auric Goldfinger ( Gert Frobe )

Auric Goldfinger is the chief treasurer of the terrorist organisation `SPECTRE` Goldfinger is the main antagonist in the film of the same name. In both the film and the book, Goldfinger plans to attack the U.S. Gold Reserve at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The film differs that Auric plans to contaminate the gold whereas the book, Goldfinger planned to steal the gold, a completely impossible task. Goldfinger is assisted by Odd Job in both versions. Goldfinger calls his plan to attack Fort Knox as Operation Grand Slam. The actor could not speak much English and he was dubbed for the film.

Goldfinger comes close to killing James Bond when he has James on a table with a laser moving from the bottom of the table up to James` middle. Only when James mentions `Grandslam` does the laser stop and James is released. Goldfinger is seen as being one of the iconic James Bond villans.

Oddjob ( Harold Sakata )

Oddjob is the henchman of Goldfinger who has a metal had that can be used as a frisbee to kill people. He is Korean by race and a black belt in martial arts. He never speaks, just obliging whatever his master says. In the film, he is electrocuted when he grabs his hat from rails. In the book, he dies after being sucked out of a depressurised airplane.

Pussy Galore ( Honor Blackman )

Pussy Galore is the leader of a group of professionally trained acrobats who when work dries up turn into a group of all female cat burglars. They become involved with Auric Goldfinger who plans to carry out Operation Grand Slam to destroy or steal America`s gold reserve (depending on whether you refer to the film or book). In the book, Pussy reveals that she is a lesbian since when she was abused by her uncle at the age of 12. The fact that she is a lesbian doesn`t stop James in the film trying it on with her. By the end of the film, Pussy Galore and her fellow cat burglars have swapped sides.


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