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Goldfinger is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1964 and is directed by Guy Hamilton. The film's theme tune is 'Goldfinger' and was sung by Shirley Bassey.

On holiday in Miami, James Bond spots Auric Goldfinger cheating at a game of cards with someone watching and radioing what cards his opponent has and then turns the tables on Goldfinger. When James is not expecting it, Oddjob knocks out Bond and paints the woman who James had taken to bed gold.

Goldfinger plans to explode a nuclear device at Fort Knox, Kentucky, the U.S. Gold Bullion Reserve. The aim is to make the bullion radioactive so that his gold reserves will rise in value. Bond meets Goldfinger at a golf game where James sets Goldfinger up to cheat.

Bonds identity is discovered and hes put on a rack where a laser is being fired which will split Bond into two unless he escapes. Bond utters the word `Grandslam` which causes Goldfinger to release him. Bond manages to get word to the outside world about what Goldfinger does so that the United States Army can be prepared for the attack and assist in defeating Goldfinger. Bond has inside help from Pussy Galore, leader of a group of flying acrobats who he has managed to persuade to change sides.


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