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Gravity is a Solar System based science fiction which was released in 2013 and is directed by Alfonso Cuaron.

This film is set in near space in the present unlike Star Trek. It follows the crew of the Space Shuttle Explorer on a routine mission to repair the Hubble space telescope when news comes from Mission Control that danger could be coming their way. The Russians have blown up a defunct satellite, the debris from the explosion is now hurtling through space. At first, MIssion Control don't believe it to be a threat but then change their minds.

All but two of the crew are killed and the two remain need to find a way back to Earth. The shuttle is out of action and can't be used to get them back to Earth. The two astronauts make it to the International Space Station. The crew of the ISS have evacuated and the only escape module left has had its parachute used so that they can't then land safely back on Earth, they'll just hit the ground. At this point, Matthew Kowalski decides to cut himself loose from Dr. Ryan Stone to give her a better chance of survival. Ryan is now alone, trying to work out a way to escape. Before Matthew leaves her, he tells her, she needs to get to the Chinese space station that is orbiting in the distance to stand a chance of survval.

Ryan manages to get onboard the Soyuz craft and pilot it to near the Chinese space station which then uses a fire extinguisher to get across to the space station. Inside, she uses the station to get back to Earth and land in a lake.

The film is highly praised for its use of 3D, even BBC's film reviewer Mark Kemode has for once recommended watching the film in 3D instead of 2D where he says the 3D actually something to it. If you're looking for aliens then you'll be disappointed, there are none. The film touches on the space debris issue which is a real concern for those in space. A small object as big as a golf ball can destroy a multi-billion pound satellite and the real International Space Station has on many occasions had to change/alter its course because of space debris. Although the film features a fictional destruction of a satellite. In real life, the Chinese blew up the Fengyun 1C satellite which created thousands of pieces of space debris. Its getting worst, every space mission adds more debris to space. In one scene, Matthew grabs hold of a screw that is floating away, if that had not been caught, it could damage or even destroy a satellite. Destruction of one satellite can create a snowball effect which destroys other satellites, increasing the amount of debris in space.

Cast Members

Matthew Kowalski ( George Clooney )

Dr. Ryan Stone ( Sandra Bullock )


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