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Solo - A Star Wars Story


Solo - A Star Wars Story

Solo - A Star Wars Story is which was released in 2018 and is directed by Phil Lord / Christopher Miller.


The film starts with Han as he was called then trying to survive on the streets of Corellia. He was working for Lady Proxima, a serpent crime lord. He had a girlfriend Qi'ra who he wanted to go travelling with. After doing one job, he decided that it was now time to get off the planet and go travelling. The two lovers turned their backs on Lady Proxima and headed to the space port that was patrolled and controlled by Imperial Stormtroopers. They got to the final boarding gate when Proxima's goons caught up with them and held Qi'ra back. Han couldn't go back and had to leave Qi'ra on the planet.

Han decided to sign up to the Imperial Navy so that he could become a pilot and come back and rescue Qi'ra. It was at this point when he was signing up that he was given the surname Solo as he didn't have one. He was now known as Han Solo.


Three years later, he had been chucked out of the Imperial Navy and was now an foot soldier stationed on Mimban. Han noticed that some people weren't Imperial officers but thieves. Han wanted to join the group but was turned down. The group of thieves were led by Tobias Beckett.

Tobias got Han Solo chucked into an underground cell where the troopers hoped that Han would be eaten by a beast. The beast was Chewbacca. Han was able to talk Wookie and persuaded Chewbacca to help and assist. Together the two escaped from the cell and managed to flag down Tobias Beckett and join his group.


On the snowy mountainous planet of Vandor, Han and Tobias Beckett set about stealing Coaxium ore from a monorail train called a Conveyex. The operation seemed to be doing well but when Enfys Nest turned up, the operation went sideways and the Coaxium was lost. In addition to loosing the Coaxium, Tobias lost his girlfriend Val who blew herself up as she was unable to escape from the situation that she was in.

Han persuaded Tobias to go and see Dryden Vos, the person who had hired Tobias in the first place to see if there was a way out. When they visited Dryden, Han came face to face with Qi'ra again. Qi'ra was now a trusted leiutenant of Drydens. Han persuaded Dryden to give them one last chance, to steal some Coaxium ore from Kessel. Dryden agreed to give him the chance and that Qi'ra would go to.

The group needed a ship and Qi'ra knew someone who would be able to help them, his name was Lando Calrissian. Han tried to win Lando's ship, the Millennium Falcon off off Lando but it didn't work. The group then persuaded Lando to take them to Kessel for a share of the fee which Lando agreed.


On Kessel, Han pretended to be a slave being handed over to the Pyke Syndicate as a way to get into the storage. The plan worked and Han made his way to the store and steal the Coaxium. L3-37, a female droid belonging to Lando and having a personality of her own caused a riot amongst the slaves which enabled the team to escape. During the escape, L3-37 was destroyed. Lando was inconsolible that L3 was dead and was unable to fly the craft.

Han Solo took over controls of the Millennium Falcon, first with Qi'ra as co-pilot and then with Chewbacca after Qi'ra didn't know what to do. Han Solo took a short cut through the Maw nebula cutting the distance he took to get out of the nebula from 20 parsecs to 12 parsecs. During the run out, Han had to deal with a creature that lived inside the nebula and a mini black hole.


Han made it to Savareen, a desert/water planet that is on the outskirts of the nebula and where smugglers go to refine the Coaxium. Han had to confront Enfys Nest one last time. Enfys revealed herself to be a female and tried persuading Han to join The Rebel Alliance but Han declined.

Han took the Coaxium to Dryden Vos who had agreed to meet them there. Tobias turned up and stole the Coaxium from both Han and Dryden. A fight ensued between Han and Dryden which ended with Qi'ra killing Dryden. Han was persuaded to leave which he did and get the Coaxium back from Tobias. When Han confronted Tobias, Han killed Tobias which he didn't want to do.

Unknown Jungle Planet

Han and Chewbacca manage to track down Lando playing Sarbacc on a jungle planet. Han challenges Lando to a game of Sarbacc and this time, Han catches Lando out and wins the game.

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