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Hercules is a science fiction film based on the Ancient Grecian Legends which was released in 2014 and is directed by Brett Ratner.

This is not a big production version of the Hercules, the Legendary Journeys television. The film is set after Hercules has completed his Labours for killing his wife and kids. The 12 Labours of Hercules can be found on the Hercules constellation page. Although as you can see from the trailer, they do appear at least at the beginning of the film.

The film concentrates on Hercules being tasked by the King of Thrace with leading an army to defend the citizens of Thrace from an enemy who has an army of the undead. Like in the series, Iolaus will appear in the film in some form. Ian McShane most remember for his role as Lovejoy in the UK and in America in Deadwood will play Amphiaraus which comes across as the light humoured character.

The film borrows characters from other Grecian legend stories such as Atalanta and Autolycus both of whom didn't appear in the Hercules stories.

Cast Members

Ergenia ( Rebecca Ferguson )

King of Thrace ( John Hurt )

who is the King of Thrace. As King, he asks Hercules to help protect Thrace from an army of Hades. The army of the undead cannot be killed by mortals which is lucky because Hercules is a demi-god, part God, part Earthling.

Autolycus ( Rufus Sewell )

who is an ally of Hercules in the 2014 film of the legendary Grecian character Hercules. In the Greek legend story, Autolycus was a thief and a rogue which probably proved useful at a time of war. 1.

Amphiaraus ( Ian McShane )

who appears in the Hercules film. From what can be seen, this character provides a little light relief compared to the heavy character of Hercules, the hero of the film. Amphiaraus was a noted seer of the Grecian legends 1. It is probably he will provide Hercules with words of wisdom. In Legend, he eventually becomes the King of Argos, not the store but an area of Greece.

Hercules ( Dwayne Johnson )

demi-god which is half God and half mortal like us. He is the Son of Zeus and a woman from Earth. He is a ferocious warrior with an appetite for war. Hercules is the main character in the Hercules film starring Dwayne Johnson, the ex-WWE wrestler known as The Rock. Hercules is tasked with saving Thrace from an attacker who is able to call upon an army of the undead. Hercules is assisted by a group of fellow Grecians such as Autolycus, Atalanta, Iolaus and Amphiaraus. In the film, he has already completed the twelve labours which he was made to do after killing his family. The Labours of Hercules are listed on his Hercules constellation page

Iolaus ( Reece Ritchie )

who in the Hercules, the Legendary Journey was a side kick of Kevin Sorbo`s Hercules. As for the Hercules 2014 version, it is not quite clear what his role is. It is probably the same as the series.

Atalanta ( Ingrid Berdal )

Atalanta appears in the 2014 version of the Hercules storyline. In the original greek storyline, Atalanta father wanted a son and when she was born, the father discarded her. Atalanta was forced to survive on her own, she was looked after by first bears and then a group of hunters. ref:Wiki.

Atalanta refused to marry and settle down, Atalanta wanted to carry on being a huntress. In the Hercules film out in 2014, she is a warrior who provides support for Hercules, Iolaus and Autolycus.

Megara ( Irina Shayk )

Megara who in the legends of old was the wife of Hercules until she and their child were slain by Hercules in a fit of madness. The character will only appear at the beginning and in flashbacks to tell the story of Hercules path. In the original storyline, after Hercules had slain his wife and kids, he was forced to do twelve labours as punishment. His labours are detailed on the Hercules constellation page.


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