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Cast Members

Alicia Casse ( Lisa Jakob )

Alicia is the daughter of Russell Casse, a ex-fighter pilot who believes he was abducted by aliens. Alicia is mainly looked after by older brother Miguel Casse as their father is an alcoholic and incapable of looking after them.

Miguel Casse ( James Duval )

Miguel is the son of Russell Casse, the pilot who believed he was abducted by aliens. He tries to keep his father on the straight and narrow but as he is an alcoholic, he is having a hard time doing so.

Marilyn Whitmore ( Mary McDonnell )

Marilyn Whitmore is the wife of President Whitmore at the time of the first invasion by the aliens. Together, the Whitmores have one daughter who during the first invasion is with her father in the White House. Marilyn is in Los Angeles and when the invasion happens is in a helicopter that crashes. Despire Jasmine Durrow attempts at saving the First Lady`s life, Marilyn dies.

Capt. Steven Hiller ( Will Smith )

Capt. Steven Hiller is an U.S. Air Force pilot who longs to join the astronaut elite of national aeronautics and space administration (n.a.s.a.) but is rejected, gets the chance when the aliens attack Earth. He along with other pilots wage a seemingly unwinnable battle against the aliens with their impenetrable shields. Steven`s girlfriend is an erotic dancer which one of his colleagues believes is the reason he will never enter space. After a way is discovered to remove the Alien ship shields, he pilots the capture Roswell alien ship with meteorologist David Levinson to the main alien craft to knock it out. Once the mother ship is knocked out, the rest of the ships hovering over Earth can be knocked out as they are now unprotected.

Some time after the events of the first alien attack, Steven Hiller is involved in an accident that causes him to loose his life. In the sequel, Steven`s son takes on the role of the being one of the main fighters leading the charge from Earth.

Gen. William M. Grey ( Robert Loggia )

Marty Gilbert ( Harvey Fierstein )

Russell Casse ( Randy Quaid )

Russell Casse is an one-time fighter pilot who claims to have been abducted by aliens. No-one believes him until the aliens turn up on 2nd July, two days before Independence Day. Since the alien incident, he has been living in a mobile home with his son Miguel and daughter Alicia working as a crop duster. The abduction has turned him into an alcoholic and does any crop dusting job to get by. When the President asks for pilots to help take on the aliens, Russell although not in a fit state volunteers.

Russell gives his life when the only missile left to destroy the approaching alien ship can`t be released. He sacrifices himself and flies the missile directly into the spaceship and causing the ship to explode and him become a hero.

Albert Nimziki ( James Rebhorn )

Albert is the United States Secretary of Defense in the President Whitmore government. His character is based on Oliver North who was an army official in the Ronald Reagan Administration of the eighties. Albert is the one who reveals to President Whitmore that area 51 does exist. Area 51 is the supposed location where the United States is holding alien technology.

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