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Star Trek, Into Darkness

Star Trek, Into Darkness is a science fiction film not set within the Solar System which was released in 2013 and is directed by JJ Abrams.

USS Enterprise NCC-1701A has been sent to a far off planet to observe. When it is discovered that volcanic eruptions on the planet will destroy the planet, Spock teleports onto the planet to try to stop the eruptions. Spocks plan works but he's going to die, Capt. James Tiberius Kirk orders that the Enterprise to reveal itself to save the life of Spock. Spock is rescued before the eruptions and the planet is saved. The Enterprise is revealed to the planet inhabitants who sketch the outline of the ship on the ground.

John Harrison offers Thomas Harewood, a distraught father the solution the cure to saving his daughters life in return that the father drops a object into a drink at the mans work. Thomas works for Section 31 which is a secret intelligence agency with the Federation. Thomas reluctantly does what he is asked. The action causes an explosion at the headquarters of Section 31 in London, United Kingdom.

Starfeet reconvene a meeting between the senior heads to discuss what Kirk had done to save Spock, breaking the Prime Directive in the process. The Prime Directive says that contact with a sub-intelligent life form may not take place. During the meeting, Harrison attacks the base and kills senior members of the council including Kirks' mentor Christopher Pike.

Kirk is ordered to go after Harrison with the crew of the Enterprise. Harrison had managed to subspace teleported himself to Kronos, home of the Klingons. The USS is upgraded with new missiles which should avoid detection by the Klingons. Going along with the crew is Doctor Carol Marcus who in the other timeline is the mother of Jason Marcus, the son of Kirk and Carol.

Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scotty Scott disagree with using the weapons and offers his resignation which Kirk accept.

When the Enterprise arrives at Kronos, instead of using the missiles, Kirk teleports down to the planet along with Lieutenant Uhura and Spock to try to capture Harrison. A firefight ensues with involvement from Harrison who hands himself over when the fight has finished. Kirk and the rest of the crew take Harrison back onboard the Enterprise where Doctor Leonard Bones McCoy gives Harrison a medical examination. Harrison tells Kirk that the answer for his actions lie at a certain location. Kirk contacts Scotty to investigate the location which is near the planet Saturn.

Kirk and Carol take the missiles to a deserted location and open one, inside they discover there are people in side.

On the way back to Earth, they are followed by another space ship but when the order comes to destroy the Enterprise, the other ship isn't able to, Scotty had disabled the weapons control. Harrison and Kirk transport over to the other ship where Harrison is able to escape and take control of the other ship.

Both ships return to Earth where Kirk is exposed to radiation poisoning and is unable to take part anymore. Spock and Lieutenant Uhura have to deal with Harrison who is running through the streets of San Francisco.

Cast Members

Thomas Harewood ( Noel Clarke )

Thomas Harewood's daughter is seriously ill and she might die. Thomas is approached by John Harrison with what maybe the cure for his daughters illness. Thomas can only have the cure if Thomas is willing to do something for him. The request is plant a ring in water in the place he works. Thomas is an employee of the Starfleet Intelligence Directorate (Section 31) which is masquerading as the Kelvin Memorial Archive in London. The fact that the location is in London is probably a nod to the world's most famous spy, James Bond who is based in London.

Thomas's daughter makes a recovery but sadly Thomas dies as a result of his actions which he coerced into doing by John Harrison. As a result of the explosion, a high level meeting of Starfleet personnel has been called which enabled John Harrison a chance of killing senior Starfleet officers.

John Harrison ( Benedict Cumberbatch )

John Harrison ( Benedict Cumberbatch ) John Harrison was once an agent of Section 31, the secret intelligence directorate of Starfleet. However, something happened and John has turned and has sought to exact revent on Starfleet. He manipulates Thomas Harewood to carry out a bombing inside the Kelvin Memorial Archive in London resulting in the deaths of many personnel. It was only a means to an end, he wanted to take out senior Starfleet personnel who would meet as a result of the bombing.

John's attack didn't go to plan as it was thwarted by Capt. James Tiberius Kirk who was at the meeting and managed to save the lives of those John wanted dead. John escaped by sub-space teleporting to Kronos, the Klingon home world.

Kirk and the rest of the crew went after John who after a fight with a group of Klingons surrendered and agreed to go back. It is during his arrest that John reveals that he is Khan Noonien Singh, a direct connection to the principle enemy in Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan. Khan is again with super human strength and wants a better life for his people who have been put into missiles that were going to be used to assassinate Harrison but Kirk disobeyed the order.


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