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Jason X

Jason X is a science fiction prediction of the Future on Earth which was released in 2002 and is directed by James Isaac.

After nine films set on Earth with Jason Vorhees slashing his way through towns, the production team decide to take him into Outer space. The film stars Lexa Doig and Lisa Ryder, as a human and a robot, both of whom later appear in the television series Andromeda, Lexa a robot, Lisa a human.

In 2008, the Government has finally caught up with Jason and is holding him at a special facility so that they can destroy him once and for all. However some big wig Government people want to experiment on him so that they can learn from him to make better warriors, However as with so many films, things don't go to plan. Jason escapes and goes on a killing spree. In the end , Rowan (Lexa) manages to freeze him along with herself.

2455, Earth has become too poluted to support life, its inhabitents have left for other worlds. Jason and Rowan are still in deep freeze and have been forgotten about. On a field trip by some students, Jason and Rowans frozen bodies are found and taken back to the students spaceship, the Grendel. The students attempt to reanimate both of the bodies. Jason can not be ressurected and as such is left as is in the morgue ready for autopsy later. No points for guessing that Jason comes back to life and begins the killing spree again.

Jason is not with his machete anymore so he uses different methods to kill off his targets. One example is that he freezes the head of one of the students then smashes the head against a table. During their fight for survival, they manage to kill Jason but the ship rebuilds him as a more powerful version of himself. The robot Kay-Em is no match for the new rebuilt Jason and is destroyed.

Jason is finally killed when Brodski sacrifices himself and blasts the both of them into space. Both re-enter the Earths atmosphere and are burnt up. Jason's mask survives and ends up in a lake. It may be the end of Jason for this film but not for the franchise as the next film is set back in present time.

Cast Members

Kay-Em 14 ( Lisa Ryder )

Rowan LaFontaine ( Lexa Doig )

Brodski ( Peter Mensah )

Jason Vorhees ( Kane Hodder )

Jason Vorhees is a human who was killed at Crystal Lake in "Friday the 13th" movie but keeps coming back to life to kill people. In the original movie, Jason is not the killer, the killer is Jason`s mum.

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