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John Carter


John Carter

John Carter is a Solar System based science fiction which was released in 2012 and is directed by Andrew Stanton.

Although best known for the stories of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs other creation was John Carter, a civil war veteran who gets transported to Mars somehow. On Mars he meets with the Barsoomians, the human inhabitants of the planet. The Martians call Mars Barsoom. The human inhabitants do not wear clothes, just jewellery. You won't therefore be surprised to read that that part of the story will be changed.

The film is based largely on "A Princess of Mars", the first in a series of eleven books that chronicles the stories of Barssom and its inhabitants. John and Dejah are the common characters in all the stories but sometimes they do take a back seat, If the film does well then it could be the start of many John Carter films but time will tell.

The film was filmed both in the UK at Shepperton Studios and in the deserts of Utah to represent the barren wastelands of Mars, oops, Barsoom.

Edgar appears in the story as the nephew of John who gets recanted the stories of the Barsooms.

Cast Members

John Carter ( Taylor Kitsch )

Dejah Thoris ( Lynn Collins )

Dejah Thois is the leader of the Barsoomians who is due to be married off to Sab Than against her wishes. Unlike in the book, where Edgar Rice Burrough describes the first encounter between John Carter and Dejah, Dejah wears clothing. In the original book, all Dejah wears is jewellary, the Barsoomians do not wear clothes. However having a naked Dejah Thoris would not make much commerical sense and the film would be relegated to the top shelf and only be shown in certain cinemas.

Tars Tarkas ( Willem Dafoe )

Sola ( Samantha Morton )

Sab Than ( Dominic West )

Edgar Rice Burroughs ( Daryl Sabara )

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