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Jurassic World

Jurassic World is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2015 and is directed by Colin Trevorrow.

Jurassic World is set over a decade after the events of past films. John Hammond is no longer in charge of InGen, the corporation who develop the Dinosaurs and Prehistortic Animals. InGen is now controlled by Simon Masrani who wants the Park, now called Jurassic World to be a success. In control of the day to day running of the dinosaur partk is Claire Dearing, who had arranged for her nephews (Zach and Gray Mitchell) to come and visit her on the Island however Claire is so busy and leaves them in the hands of Zara, Claire`s Personal Assistant. The only returning character from the previous films is Henry Wu, one of the scientists responsible for creating the dinosaurs.

Jurassic World is seen as a business and to get people to come back, they need new attractions which means new dinosaurs. The Scientists have been playing God and have created a totally new and original dinosaur which they label Indominus Rex. Indominus is created from the DNA of many dinosaurs such as Velociraptor (Raptor) and Tyrannosaurus and also non-dinosaurs, the Cuttlefish). The Indominus is able to hide itself in its pet which allows it to trick the humans to release the dinosaurs accidentally from its pen. Claire turns to Owen Grady, a ex-Navy marine who has been training a group of four Raptors to assist in the hunt and killing of the Indominus. Vic Hoskins had been hoping that Owen could train the Raptors to use instead of soldiers as Raptors have no fear unlike humans.

The Nephews are able to give Zara the slip and go off exploring the park on their own. When the Indominus escapes, the two nephews are in a sphere travelling round the island. Claire virtually begs Owen to help her to find her nephews and he agrees. The two of them (Claire and Owen) venture into the north of the island to find the missing nephews. Claire and Owen witness Simon`s helicopter smashing into an aviary which releases the Pteradons that are being held inside. It is at this point the park is evacuated and the Pteradons attack the visitors, picking off people and flying off with them.

Despite having a team of armed soldiers based on the island, the soldiers are no match for the Indominus and another plan has to be hatched. InGen release the Raptors and try to hunt down the Indominus but when the Raptors find the Indominus, the Raptors turn on Owen and the soldiers sent to kill the renegade dinosaur. Claire finally locates her nephews and takes them back to the south of the island but its not totally safe as the Indominus attacks the base and Owen has to protect the brood.

Claire releases a Tyrannosaurus in the hope it will attack the Indominus which it does along with the help of three of the Raptors who have switched sides once more. The Indominus is finally felled by a Mosasaurus, a giant sea dinosaur that launches itself out of the water and drags the Indominus to its death underwater.

Cast Members

Vic Hoskins ( Vincent D'Onofrio )

Vic Hoskins is the leader of the Jurassic World private security force that is detailed to keep the humans safe from the dinosaurs. Vic secretly wants to create a dinosaur army so that dinosaurs can fight instead of humans. Just imagine it, no human casualties, dinosaurs launching the attacks at the enemy. When the Indominus Rex escapes from her pen, he is one of the people who pushes to send the velicoraptors after the Indominus along with Owen Grady leading the charge.

Simon Masrani ( Irrfan Khan )

Simon Masrani takes over as the head of Jurassic World, he is focused on bringing in the visitors so as to maximise the returns that the investors will get on their money. Simon is a skilled helicopter pilot who flies one too many flights over the Island and dies when his helicopter crashes into the Pteradon aviary. It is his urge to create something to bring people back that prompts Henry Wu in creating the nightmare Indominus Rex.

Zara ( Katie McGrath )

Zara is the British Personal Assistant of Claire Dearing who entrusts Zara with looking after the nephews Zach and Gray. When Zara is on the phone, the nephews escape from her supervision and go off on their own. Katie McGrath the actress who played Zara is more well known to people who watched Merlin as she played Morgana.

Her death comes whens a Pteradon that has escaped from the dinosaur aviary picks her up and drops her into the mouth of a Mosasaurus, a giant sea dinosaur.

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