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Knowing is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2009 and is directed by Alex Proyas.

In 1959, when the school children of William Dawes Elementary School are asked to write or draw something for their time capsule, Lucinda writes a list of numbers on her sheet of paper. Moments earlier, she had been transfixed by the Sun. All the pictures are collected before she can finish writing the numbers and placed in the time capsule. After the time capsule is hidden, the teacher goes to look for Lucinda to find her in a closet, scratching more numbers onto the door with her fingers bleeding asking for help to make them stop.

Fifty years later, the time capsule is opened and the pictures are given to the pupils of the day. The sheet with the numbers on it is given to Caleb whose father John is an astrophysicist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Neither of them can work out what the numbers mean.

That night, he looks at the numbers but can't work it out. He notices when he picks up his cup that it has circled the numbers 9/11/01/2996 which corresponds to the World Trade Center attack date and the number of people killed. He then starts to notice other dates, all corresponding with dates in the past where there has been a great loss of lives. Three dates are still to occur and they're in the very near future. There are some numbers that do not correspond with dates.

On the way to pick up his son, he realises that one of the numbers that didn't correspond to a date is the Lat./Lon. position of where one of the incidents is to occur. It turns out he's in the same location as denoted by one set of non-date figures, stuck in a traffic jam. He believes the incident is the cause of the traffic jam and so gets out to investigate. When he gets to the front of the jam, he notices a plane that is flying too low and crashes.

He visits the daughter of the woman who wrote the numbers but she ignores him.

He visits the spot of a future incident and believes it is a terrorist attack. He chases a petty thief through the train but the thief when corner just drops books. The incident that Lucinda warned about is a malfunction with the rail way which causes the train to crash.

Diana visits John where they discuss the numbers. They visit Lucinda's old mobile home where she recants her mother and the numbers. Diana tells John that her mum said she would die tomorrow along with 33 other people.

Later on, John suddenly works out the 33 problem, it's not a number but EE back to front. EE means Everyone Else. He recalls seeing pictures of the Sun and believes it is to with the Sun. He rushes to his observatory and discovers that tomorrow a massive solar flare is due to hit the Earth. The Solar flare will kill everyone on the planet.

Diana suggests taking the kids to a cave but John believes that won't work. He travels to the school where Lucinda wrote the numbers on the door and scrapes away the paint for the last numbers. The numbers reveal Lucinda's home but Diana rejects that and takes the children. En route to the caves, she stops at a petrol station where she hears the news on television that confirms what John had been saying. The children are kidnapped by a Stranger and she chases after them but has an accident allowing the stranger to get away. Her mother's prediction has happened. John drives straight for Lucinda's house where he confronts the Stranger. The Stranger is an alien who wants to relocate people from Earth to continue the human race. Reluctantly, John allows the children to go. John drives to his Father's home as the sky lights up and people riot on the streets. John hugs his father as a wall of fire destroys everything.

The aliens drop the people it has rescued onto another world. Caleb and Diana's child Abby are seen with rabbits running towards a tree with a large moon in the sky.

Cast Members

Caleb Koestler ( Chandler Canterbury )

Caleb is a school boy who`s father is John Koestler, a Professor at M.I.T. university. It is Caleb who is given a piece of paper from a time capsule that sets his father off on a mission to discover what the numbers on the papers mean. At the end of the movie, Caleb and a female friend are transported to another planet to continue the human race.

Stranger ( Daniel Maloney )

John Koestler ( Nicolas Cage )

Diana Wayland ( Rose Byrne )

Abby Wayland ( Lara Robinson )

Lucinda Embry ( Lara Robinson )

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