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Licence to Kill

Licence to Kill is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1989 and is directed by John Glen. The film's theme tune is 'Licence to Kill' and was sung by Gladys Knight.

Its Felix Leiter's wedding but as they are going to church, Felix gets a call from his friends at the D.E.A. (Drugs Enforcement Agency) to say that drug baron Franz Sanchez has been sighted in the Keys. James and Felix assist in the capture of the drug baron then parachute down to the wedding. Franz was in the Keys to capture Lupe Lamora, his girlfriend who had gone astray.

Franz Sanchez is sprung from prison with the help of Ed Killifer, a rogue D.E.A. who did it for the money. Franz goes after Felix for revenge, Franz kills Leiter's wife and feeds Felix to a shark,

James Bond disobeys M and becomes involved. James searches Felix's office and finds the name of a contact, Pam Bouvier with whom bond rendezvous with whilst having to deal with Franz's right hand man Dario. James and Pam head down to Isthmus City where Franz is ruler.

Franz is using a gospel channel hosted by Prof. Joe Butcher to get his message out to his business contacts about the price of his cocaine.

The film was an attempt to take Bond into a harder, more realistic world which got it a higher than usual rating by the film board because Bond sets Franz alight at the end of the film. The title should be Licence to Kill rather than License to Kill as the former is British way of spelling the word which is where James Bond heralds from. There might be variations but it should in this context be Licence.

Cast Members

Pam Bouvier ( Carey Lowell )

Pam Bouvier ( Carey Lowell ) Pam Bouvier is a C.I.A. agent working undercover who is contacted by James Bond after Felix Leiter is fed to sharks when the drug baron Franz Sanchez escapes from custody. James and Pam meet in a boat house with Dario, Franz`s right hand man.

When James and Pam Bouvier head to Isthmus, the fictional Latin American city, Pam Bouvier under goes a transformation to become James Bond`s secretary. When Pam says James should be her secretary, he replies that its a man`s world down here and relents. James believes he can trust her but then when he tries to kill Franz, he sees Pam walking to one of Franz`s men and believes she had betrayed him. In reality, Pam is desperate to get some stinger missiles back from Franz and was trying to do a deal with a hench man to get the weapons back.

Pam uses her femine wiles on Prof. Joe Butcher to learn more about the operation and then steals a small plane to help James Bond in the final confrontation against Franz Sanchez.

Unlike previous primary lead females or Bond Girls, James is unable to get Pam into bed at least what we see on screen that is.

Franz Sanchez ( Robert Davi )

Franz Sanchez ( Robert Davi ) Franz Sanchez is a drug baron who lives in the fictional country of Isthmus. He first comes to the attention of James Bond when he attempts to kill Felix Leiter by feeding him to sharks. Franz was captured in Miami by the D.E.A. with James and Felix help but he escaped with the help of Ed Killifer, a DEA agent who helped Felix escape for money.

James relinquished his license to kill in order to travel with Pam Bouvier, a C.I.A. agent to bring down Sanchez. James befriends Franz in order to get close to him so that he could kill him.

Franz had a pet Iguana as company in his hide-away. Using a television evangualist, he communicated the price of cocaine through to his many business dealings in America and the world. James Bond was forced in to killing Franz when Dario, Franz`s henchman turned up at the processing plant. After a chase in oil tankers, Franz is set alight by James Bond with the cigarette lighter that Felix gave James as a present.

Lupe Lamora ( Talisa Soto )

Lupe Lamora ( Talisa Soto ) Lupe Lamora is the girlfried of Franz Sanchez who goes awol to a Florida Keyes island. Franz Sanchez breaks cover to grab her back and take her back to Isthmus. Lupe Lamora returns to Franz Sanchez in Isthmus. She provides help and support to James Bond in order to get rid of the drug baron who has blighted her life.

Sharky ( Frank McRae )

Sharky is a C.I.A. agent who helps James Bond in trying to bring down Franz Sanchez. Unfortunately, Sharky doesn`t live long enough to see or hear about the death of Franz Sanchez having been caught and killed by Franz`s men.

Prof. Joe Butcher ( Wayne Newton )

Prof. Joe Butcher is a T.V. evangelist who is a cover for Franz Sanchez`s operations. Using coded messages during his broadcasts, he tells his dealers the price of cocaine that they should be paying for the drug. Near the end of the film, Pam Bouvier pays the good evangelist a visit and comes across as letting him have his way with her before pulling a gun on him and escaping.

Dario ( Benicio del Toro )

Dario ( Benicio del Toro ) Dario is Franz Sanchez`s right hand man. He comes across James Bond at a river side pub when James is meeting Pam Bouvier for the first time. He then disappears for the vast majority of the film, only to reappear at the end when James is making an attempt on Franz.

Truman-Lodge ( Anthony Starke )

Truman-Lodge ( Anthony Starke ) Truman-Lodge is the financier for Franz Sanchez who looks after the financials for Franz. However, at the end, when things go wrong, Truman-Lodge is shot dead by Franz to cut his looses as he jokes.

Ed Killifer ( Everett McGill )

Ed Killifer ( Everett McGill ) Ed. Killifer is a close friend of Felix Leiter and a D.E.A. Agent (Drugs Enforcement Administration) who betrays the U.S. Law Enforcement agencies when he breaks Franz Sanchez out of custody for two million dollars. Ed Killifer is killed by sharks when he is distracted and knocked into a shark tank by James Bond when James is investigating the location of where Milton Krest, an associate of Franz Sanchez is working.

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