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Live and Let Die


Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die is a Spy film with a space connection which was released in 1971 and is directed by Guy Hamilton. The film's theme tune is 'Live and Let Die' and was sung by Paul McCartney and Wings.

The film marked the first appearance of Roger Moore as the suave British secret agent, James Bond. After the murders of three secret agents in New York, New Orleans and on the Carribean Island of San Monique, James Bond is tasked with investigating the murders. James is sent to New York where the first murder happened at a United Nations. James's investigations leads him to a restaurant Fillets of Soul in Harlem where he meets Dr. Kanaga who has been masquerading as Mr. Big, He also meets Solitaire for the first time before Dr. Kanaga orders that James Bond be taken out and shot but James is able to escape from the two would be assassins. He reunited with Felix Leiter after he has escaped.

James travels to Monique where he finds that Mrs Bond has already arrived. This turns out to be Rosie Carver who is a C.I.A. but is in fact a double agent. He takes advantage of the situation to gain information about Dr. Kanaga and get to his chalet where he meets Solitaire again, the first time in the restaurant in New York. They escape from the house and travel to New Orleans.

It is here where James finds out about Kanaga's plot to use his restaurants to gain a whole lot of heroin addicts and bankrupt the other competitors. When Kanaga catches up with Bond, he is angered by the fact that James Bond slept with Solitaire and who no longer posses the power of foresight. Kanaga takes James Bond to a crocodile farm where Bond is to be eaten by crocodiles but James Bond manages to escape and steal a speedboat to escape. It marks the first appearance of two of Sheriff J.W. Pepper who is coordinating the hunt for James Bond.

James returns to San Monique to destroy the heroin fields, kill the voodoo priest Baron Samedi who apart from being an entertainer is also instilling fear into the residents of the island. James Bond and Solitaire manage to get into the underground base of Dr. Kanaga and defeat him once and for all.

At the end, when James and Solitaire are on the train, they have to deal with Tee Hee with his prosethic arm once last time. At the end, Baron Samedi is seen laughing on the back of the train but doesn't confront Bond.

Cast Members

Solitaire ( Jane Seymour )

Solitaire ( Jane Seymour ) Solitaire is a psychic who is employed by Dr. Kananga to foresee problems to his drugs empire. Solitaire is held mainly in Dr. Kananga`s fortress where James Bond meets her for the first time after breaking into the place. She foresees the future by the use of Tarot cards that she places on the table.

When James Bond encounters Solitaire, he turns over the Lovers card which surprises Solitaire but is an actual sign of things to come for the two. She ends up loosing her powers thanks to James Bond intervention. At the end of the film, James Bond and Solitaire are to be killed by shark but James Bond uses one of his gadgets provided by Q branch to facilitate their escape.

Tee Hee ( Julius W. Harris )

Tee Hee ( Julius W. Harris ) Tee Hee Johnson is the close confidante of Dr. Kananga. Tee Hee has a prosethic claw after he lost his real one in a fight with a crocodile which he reveals to Bond when leaves James Bond stranded on a small island in a crocodile infested lake. The prosethic claw enables him to do things that other people are unable to do. When Tee Hee and James first meet, Tee Hee bends James Bond gun so that it can`t be fired forcing Bond to just bin the gun.

After James Bond has defeated Kananga on San Monique, James and Solitaire are returning to Washington on train where Tee Hee confronts Bond for one last time where they fight in a small cabin. James Bond manages to disable Tee Hee`s claw once it has clamped onto the window bar then open the window and throw out Tee Hee.

Rosie Carver ( Gloria Hendry )

Rosie Carver ( Gloria Hendry ) Rosie Carver first introduces herself to James as Mrs Bond, James` wife at the hotel. Rosie reveals that she is a C.I.A. agent who has come out to help James. The story begins to fall apart later when the two are on a reconnaisance mission near Mr. Bigs hideout. When Rosie runs off from James, she is killed by poisonous darts from an automated protection system.

Baron Samedi ( Geoffrey Holder )

Baron Samedi ( Geoffrey Holder ) Baron Samedi is a Voodoo Priest that Dr. Kanaga uses to scare and execute Kanaga`s enemies on the small San Monique island. He appears in the film using a snake to kill the enemies in a voodoo ceremony.

Unlike the other enemies of James Bond, Kanaga manages to survive and you see him at the back of the train that James and Solitaire took at the end of the film.

Dr. Kananga ( Yaphett Kotto )

Dr. Kananga ( Yaphett Kotto ) Dr. Kananga is the head of a fictional Carribean island of San Monique.He uses the pseudonym Mr. Big so that people don`t realise who he is. Dr. Kananga was working under the radar until Kananga ordered the killing of three British agents in New Orleans, New York and on the island of San Monique.

His plan is to flood the United States with heroin through a chain of fish restaurants called `Fillet of Soul". By flooding the market, he would be able to put all the other dealers out of the market and therefore have the majority of the U.S. drug market under his control. Dr Kananga travels to the United States unseen by wearing a prosthetic mask to disguise him as Mr Big. Kananga rips off his mask on his and James Bond`s first encounter.

He uses the Mystical Tee Hee to ward off people getting to close to his heroin poppies which are hidden from view by netting.

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