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Mad Max

Mad Max is a science fiction prediction of the Future on Earth which was released in 1979 and is directed by George Miller.

In the future, with all the oil reserves having nearly disappeared, Max Rockatansky provides for his wife and child as Patrol man. When his family is run over by a group of motorcyclist criminals, the gloves come off and Max leads an one man revenge mission to kill them.

Cast Members

Jessie Rockatansky ( Joanne Samuel )

Jessie Rockatansky is the ill-fated wife of Max Rockatansky, the police office who would later become Mad Max. Jessie Rockatansky is also a mother to a young child. When the Rockatanskys cross the path of a group of bikers, led by Toecutter. The gang ran over Jessie Rockatansky, killing her. Max seeks revenge by killing the biker gang.

Toecutter ( Hugh Keays-Byrne )

Johnny The Boy ( Tim Burns )

Goose ( Steve Bisley )

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