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Mars Attacks


Mars Attacks

Mars Attacks is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 1996 and is directed by Tim Burton.

A comical version of an alien invasion. The aliens are Martians who have live underground. Unlike most aliens, these ones cannot breathe our atmosphere and must wear a glass helmet. Only by smashing their helmets can they be killed. All conventional weapons including nuclear weapons are useless against them. The film boasts a galaxy of stars including Pierce Brosnan as a scientist, Jack Nicholson as the President and Tom Jones as erm, Tom Jones.

Cast Members

Taffy Dale ( Natalie Portman )

Tom Jones ( Tom Jones )

President James Dale ( Jack Nicholson )

First Lady Marsha Dale ( Glenn Close )

Barbara Land ( Annette Benning )

Professor Donald Kessler ( Pierce Brosnan )

General Decker ( Rod Steiger )

Nathalie Lake ( Sarah Jessica Parker )

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