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Melancholia is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2012 and is directed by Lars von Trier.

Weddiings are supposed to be joyous occassions but not today, not when you know the world is going to end. A rogue planet that is called Melancholia will smash into the Earth destroying it and all life. Where Earth is now, there`ll be an asteroid field like the one between Mars and Jupiter. The story focuses on two sisters, Justine and Claire and how they deal with the impeding distaster and how it affects them. It features Justines wedding which doesn`t turn into a joyous ocassion with the sisters parents fighting at the wedding.

If you`re expecting Keifer Sutherland to turn into Jack Bauer, fly a plane to the UK, kidnap Prof. Brian Cox and torture him until he reveals how to divert the planet. Failing to get the right result, flies a plane to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, steal the Discovery shuttle, attach nuclear misses to the undercarriage. Fire off into space, fire the missles at the planet and destroy the threat, then you`re going to be disappointed. This film focuses on how it affects the people who are powerless to affect the future. It is like `Knowing`.

The film does not end happily as the planet is obliterated.

Cast Members

John ( Keifer Sutherland )

Justine ( Kirsten Dunst )

It`s her wedding but how can she enjoy the day knowing that the end of the world is going to happen. She also has to deal with her parents warring at the wedding and her brother-in-law committing suicide before the planet is destroyed.

Gaby ( Charlotte Rampling )

Dexter ( John Hurt )

Michael ( Alexander Skarsgard )

Claire ( Charlotte Gainsbourg )

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