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Meteor is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 1979 and is directed by Ronald Neame.

A comet smashes into an asteroid called Orpheus which causes a massive five mile wide chunk to break off and head to Earth. The Americans have a solution called Hercules, designed by Dr Bradley. Hercules is an illegal space satiellite with nuclear warheads aimed at the Russians. They turn to the Russians who also have an illegal nuclear satiellite trained at the Americans. Together the combined power of both satiellites might be good enough to avert disaster.

Only when Russia is hit by fragments of the Orpheus do Russians finally admit the existance of their satiellite and agree to help. From within a bunker under New York, the two teams work together to destroy the satiellite. In coordination between the two teams, the satiellites fire their missiles and cause the break up of the rogue asteroid. However, New York is destroyed by fragments of the asteroid and the teams have to make their way to the surface.

Cast Members

The President ( Henry Fonda )

Major General Adlon ( Martin Landau )

Dr Paul Bradley ( Sean Connery )

Dr Alexei Dubov ( Brian Keith )

Tatiana Nikolaevna Donskaya ( Natalie Wood )

Harry Sherwood ( Karl Malden )

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