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Monsters is an Earth based science fiction which was released in 2010 and is directed by Gareth Edwards.

A probe crashes into Central America and unleashes new life forms onto the general area. The probe had been sent out earlier by NASA to discover life out-there. The new life-forms ravage Mexico and Southern United States. Andrew, a photo-journalist is hired by his boss to rescue his daughter who is in the infected zone. When he meets her, they don`t exactly hit it off. However over the course of the film, they begin to become close. They fail to escape via a ferry so they must trek across the scarred landscape. The aliens are giant monsters much like those you saw in Skyline which came out just before.

The film is notable by its lack of a large cast. Most of the cast is Andrew, Samantha and extras from the Mexican army.

Cast Members

Samantha Wynden ( Whitney Able )

Andrew Kaulder ( Scooty McNairy )

Andrew Kaulder is a photographer who is stuck in Mexico when aliens are causing problems on the borders between Mexico and the United States. He agrees to get his editors daughter Samantha Wynden back safely to the United States.

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